The Daily Mail has obtained three racially-charged radio ads placed by organizations that worked to help incumbent U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) stage his come from behind run-off victory this week.

[The ads] claimed that supporters of conservative McDaniel had connections to the Ku Klux Klan and that McDaniel had a ‘racist agenda.’ They also warned that black Democrats ‘could lose food stamps, housing assistance, student loans, early breakfast and lunch programs and disaster assistance’ if he were to become the Republican U.S. Senate nominee.

‘Vote against the tea party. Vote Thad Cochran,’ one ad said. ‘If the tea party, with their racist ideas, win, we will be sent back to the ’50s and ’60s.’

The Daily Mail also reports about bizarre political bedfellows — two radically leftist campaign operatives were apparently helping mastermind the race-baiting in support of the Republican incumbent.

MailOnline has learned that ‘Citizens for Progress’ is tied to a longtime Democratic political operative who was paid $44,000 to run racially explosive ‘robocalls’ in the same race.

A political action committee founded by former Republican National Committee chair and former Republican Gov. Haley Barbour made those payments.
The calls were placed in predominantly black and Democratic regions of the state during the final days before Tuesday’s runoff, according to a political operative in Mississippi.

Mitzi Bickers, an Atlanta pastor and former president of the Atlanta school board, used the same nonexistent group name – ‘Citizens for Progress’ – in a 2013 campaign for a local sales tax proposal.

Bickers, an African-American and former senior staffer to Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed (D), resigned her city hall job in 2013 after filing false financial disclosures about her political work, according to the Daily Mail report.

The article specifically ties a second progressive activist to the payment for the radio ads to be placed. Carol Stern, a left-leaning former marketing executive, paid the Mississippi radio station to run the racially charged ads based on evidence provided to the Daily Mail.


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