Elizabeth Warren is doing the best she can with the ideology she has.

So it was a shock to see Chris Matthews, of all people, call her out for being all talk and no real action. As if she would just say things for political effect. Or take advantage of situations unfairly for her own gain.

Come on Chris. Leave Elizabeth alone.

From The Daily Caller:

Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren clearly expected a softball interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Thursday night.

But midway through her predictable talking points, the left-wing “Hardball” host unexpectedly struck out at the progressive darling over what he views as Democratic inaction on jobs and infrastructure.

Warren had just finished a diatribe against Republican recalcitrance on issues like education investment and income redistribution when Matthews pounced.

“We’ve got nobody working,” the host said angrily. “I don’t understand the union movement in this country. Why aren’t they BITCHING and moaning and complaining every day? We want big construction projects. And the President of the United States is not doing it. I don’t hear him talking about it. He talks about one thing next day, something else the the next day.”

Warren’s eyes became saucers as Matthews plowed on. “But I’m telling you, I don’t hear YOU getting it done!” he accused. “The Democrats control the U.S. Senate. The Democrats control the White House. When are you going to do what you just said you’d like to do? Just when, gimme a date? Is it 2017? 2023?”