The Mississippi Republican Senate primary is just one bizarre event after another.

The nursing home photo shoot, the late night courthouse lock-in, and now two really, really bizarre statements by Thad Cochran.

First, he joked (or was it a joke?) about doing indecent acts to animals as a kid.  Mark Levin questioned whether Cochran was “all there”:

Second, Cochran was interviewed and was unaware that Eric Cantor lost. The interview was published today but apparently took place Thursday:

From his responses, it is questionable whether he knew who Eric Cantor was. It’s strange because on Wednesday he seemed to know about the loss:

Memory loss? Baffled by the question? Only responding to what was asked?

The lights are on in #MSSEN, but is anybody home?

[Note: The wording of this post was changed shortly after publication to reflect the timing and sequence.]