The title sounds absurd, doesn’t it?

Absurd as in your Republican Party circa 2014, where winning at any cost is the operative strategy.

Not winning against Democrats at any cost — no that would be mean.

Winning at any cost in the Republican Party means winning against Tea Party and conservative challengers in Republican primaries.

In Mississippi, the Washington, D.C. operatives’ strategy for winning the runoff was to get Democrats to vote in the Republican primary for the Republican incumbent who promised to keep the pork flowing from Washington, D.C.

The woman in the featured image apparently is the future of the Republican Party, if Mississippi is any indication.

It was not about protecting a Republican seat. Anyone who says that with a straight face is a fool or a very good liar. Even Reince Preibus acknowledged that Chris McDaniel would have won the general election:

Funny thing is, I started out not caring at all about the Republican Senate primary in Mississippi. It was only when the National Republican Senatorial Committee started playing the race card against McDaniel in true leftist manner that I took note.

I ended up caring, but not because of Chris McDaniel.

Crushing the Tea Party was the goal of the Republican Party, even if it came at a “staggering price.”

Crushing supporters of expanding government and a system of pork barrel politics, not such a priority.

So remind me again, why am I a Republican?

Because it beats being a Democrat?

When the Republican Party establishment needs Democratic voters looking for more government and more pork to win Republican primaries, that’s not a good enough excuse anymore.

Seems to me there are three basic choices:  (1) Actively burn down the Republican Party, (2) Keep supporting the Republican Party, (3) Stay home.

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(Featured image: Republican Party primary voter?)


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