What will it take to get Elizabeth Warren to run for President?

Hillary deciding not to run — Warren jumps in to a certainty, in my opinion.

Hillary running — it will take a cause greater than herself to get Warren to run. A cause of historic proportions. A saving of the planet magnitude justification.

While Warren still is scoffing at the idea of running, she is laying the groundwork for a planet-saving justification based on concentration of wealth and power. Guess who epitomizes concentration of wealth and power? (Hint, starts with an “H”)

Allahpundit points to this HuffPo clip as evidence Elizabeth Warren is not dismissing out of hand possibly running for President, despite prior denials.

This is a moment in time for our country and, I believe, for our world, a moment in time where we decide who we are as a people and what kind of a future we’re going to build.

The reader who alerted me to the video writes:

She’s crazy enough to run and sadly, the American voters might be crazy enough to vote her into the office! This makes me sick.

“This is a moment” has a familiar ring to it.


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