Alana Goodman at The Washington Free Beacon has broken a couple of big stories based on research of documents released at the University of Arkansas Library archives.

That’s the University archives, mind you, not the the Clinton Library that hosted the, ahem, pantsuit exhibit.

In February it was The Hillary Papers, which revealed her support for single payer and quite the attitude.

Then it was The Hillary Tapes, about how Hillary was less than serious in reciting how she helped a child rapist get off easy.

It appears that some people are upset, because Clinton Donor Bans Free Beacon From University of Arkansas Archives

A Hillary Clinton donor who serves as dean of the University of Arkansas libraries has banned the Washington Free Beacon from the school’s special collections archives, after the news outlet published revealing stories about Hillary Clinton based on documents available at the university library….

Library dean Carolyn Henderson Allen informed editor-in-chief Matthew Continetti in a June 17 letter that the library had “officially suspended” the Free Beacon‘s research privileges…..

“I am writing you to direct you and the Washington Beacon Press to cease and desist your ongoing violation of the intellectual property rights of the University of Arkansas with regard to your unauthorized publication of audio recordings obtained from the Roy Reed Collection,” wrote Allen.

According to Allen, who contributed $500 to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2007, the Free Beacon violated library rules by failing to submit a form requesting permission to publish the materials.

Allen called on the news outlet to “immediately remove the audio recordings of the Roy Reed Collection from your website” and “immediately return all audio recordings obtained from the Roy Reed Collection previously provided to you.”

Hillary as President?

What possibly could go wrong.