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Voxsplaining Opposition to Obamacare

Voxsplaining Opposition to Obamacare

Because it can’t be anything other than racism, right?

Senator Jay Rockefeller’s recent comments about Obamacare and racism have sparked a mini-firestorm of controversy.

Luckily, we have Ezra Klein to Voxsplain the situation..

Racists are likelier to oppose health reform when they think about Barack Obama

On Wednesday, Sen. Jay Rockefeller argued that some of the opposition to Obamacare is motivated by race. Rockefeller wasn’t particularly artful in his comments and it’s easy to see why Sen. Ron Johnson was offended. But Rockefeller is right.

Michael Tesler, a political scientist at Brown University, studied this question by looking at the role racial attitudes played in people’s health-care opinions before and after Barack Obama became the face of health-care reform. Since 1988, the American National Election Study has been asking people what they believe about both race and health care.

Prior to Obama’s election, Tesler found that race had “a substantively small and non-significant independent influence” on people health-care opinions. But that changed in the September 2009 data. “Racial attitudes were strongly linked to health care opinions in that post-Obama survey.” After controlling for party and self-reported ideology, “changing from least to most racially resentful decreased white support for governmental insurance by 20 percent,” That was three times larger than the effect seen in most surveys and twice as large as the effect seen in 1994 (the survey following the collapse of President Bill Clinton’s health-reform plan).

Klein’s article was widely mocked on Twitter.

And of course, Klein made the obligatory appearance on MSNBC to continue making his case. Liberals have made this same lazy argument about opposition to Obama policies so many times it’s difficult to keep track. Watch the video below.

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I am against ObamaCare, and I was against HillaryCare too, back in the day.

I need a bumper sticker with “Hillarycare” with a red X through it, and then “Obamacare” with another red X through it.

The tag line will be, “Opposition to government healthcare was sexist before it was racist.”

Or something.

Howard Roark | May 24, 2014 at 5:08 pm

So progressive, quasi-Marxists, and Marxist social science researchers ask subjective questions, interpret the answers and confirm their own prejudices. They then publish their findings. The findings being- good people share their beliefs and bad people do not. It’s all very scientific. You DO believe in science, don’t you?

F*** yourself Ezra..

Sorry, that’s all the response he deserves

Nothing like having a political “scientist” make a “study” to prove that his opinion on a subject is correct.

“…some of the opposition to Obamacare is motivated by race.”

Duh. Of course it is true.
So obvious that I can’t believe that anyone would think otherwise.

Fun with correlation and causation.

H/T Reddit

It’s racist. Yeah, that’s it. That’s the ticket. (Yawwwwn. scratch. spit)

Every time I see that smarmy little punk, I am filled with the desire to punch him.

He’s every bit the weasel his idol was:

All of this reminds me of “Industrial Disease”, the song by Dire Straits. A song that highlights the absurdity of media-driven maladies like ‘Smoker’s Cough’, ‘Brewer’s Droop’, and the ‘Bette Davis wheeze.’

Except in this case, we should call it “Racial Disease”. The perverse contorting of reality to form a fantasy where your political heroes are attacked in every instance by racists sporting dinner forks.

According to a Real Clear Politics average of polls, a majority of Americans oppose Obamacare.

I’d like to ask Rockefeller and Klein what percentage of that majority are racists.

Are the Democrats who oppose Obamacare racists, or only the Republicans?

kenoshamarge | May 26, 2014 at 6:33 am

It is so simple to be a liberal – all opposition to Obama, about damn near anything, is racist.

All adverse weather conditions are caused by Global Warming.

Solves the problem of ever having to think, let alone think for yourself.