That was the testimony today from insurance company executives, on the “back end” of the Obamacare website.

That’s the part of the website which transmits data to and from insurance companies.  It’s the part the public never sees, but it is critical to the operation of the system as to payments, enrollments, and other data.

Via Capitol Cities Project:

During a hearing on Capitol Hill today, insurance companies unanimously said that the Obamacare website is still not fixed.

“One final question for all the panelists: Is the website fixed?,” asks Rep. Pete Olson (R-Texas) to the insurance company representatives.

Out of the six people sitting on the panel, not one said the website is fixed.

The participants included: Frank Coyne, the Vice President of Operations of Blue cross Blue shield. Mark Pratt, the Senior Vice President of State Affairs from America’s Health Insurance Plans. Paul Wingle, the Executive Director of Individual Business and Public Exchange Operations and Strategy of Aetna. Brian Evanko, President, Individual Segment at Cigna. J. Darren Rodgers, the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Health Care Service Corporation. Finally, Dennis Matheis who is the President of Central Region and Exchange Strategy at Wellpoint, Inc.

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