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Microaggression Mania in new PSA from MTV

Microaggression Mania in new PSA from MTV

New twist on the race card – when you can’t find actual racism, just make it up.

We have covered Migroaggression Mania before, 2014 – Year of the Microaggression.

It’s no secret that MTV leans left but a new PSA from the channel aimed at young people clearly plays into the left’s everyone-is-racist-and-sexist meme.

Truth Revolt, for which Ben Shapiro serves as editor, recently noted that MTV partnered with organizations such as CAIR and the Southern Poverty Law Center to create the ad…

MTV Launches Project to Fight ‘Hidden Bias’ Among Millenials

On Thursday, MTV announced that it would be launching a “Look Different” initiative designed to uncover “hidden racial, gender and anti-LGBT bias.” MTV will be creating a documentary on Millenials’ perceptions of race and fairness temporarily titled “Untitled Whiteness Project,” a public service announcement series, an “Implicit Bias Quiz” and a week-long “Racial Bias Cleanse” program to help re-educate young Americans about their bias.

The campaign will be co-sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League, the National Partnership for Women & Families, The Trevor Project, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, National Council of La Raza, and the NAACP, among others.

MTV President Stephen K. Friedman explained, “Millennials are the most diverse generation in history and it’s inspiring to see how equality and fairness serve as their bedrock values. However, that very faith in equality can also cloud their perception of historical and institutional inequities. Rooted in powerful storytelling, Look Different will offer our audience a new forum and tools to more deeply explore these issues, while supporting their fight for a more equal future.”

This weekend, Shapiro appeared on Megyn Kelly’s program The Kelly File to offer analysis.

Watch the entire exchange below.

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Stephen K. Friedman explained, “Millennials are the most diverse generation in history…”

WTF does that even mean!?!? Have we developed a new breed of humans that wasn’t around when I was a teen?

This whole deal is simply a way to maintain the coating on the race card.

Let. It. Go. We are MORE race conscious now than we have been since before I left high school in ’68.

AND you CAN make kids “victims” by instilling in them total bullshit.

All “microaggression” means is that now the “aggrieved” classes can call you racist/sexist/homophobic/islamophobic/not Earth-friendly at will, for no reason at all, because only THEY can detect the subtle “signals” you “send out” – probably powered by your white privilege.

Get it?

The older term for it was “Stalinism,” where only the denunciation counts, evidence will be found later.

    Neo in reply to Estragon. | May 11, 2014 at 11:57 pm

    I fully expect a “micro aggression arms race” that will eventually develop into a system of micro-aggression mutually assured destruction, as these “victims” generate more than their share of “yelling, screaming and gnashing of teeth” on the road micro-aggression armageddon.

Didn’t Michael Jackson use a racial bias cleanse program? That did not turn out well for Michael.

If “equality and fairness” serve as Millennial bedrock values, then we as a nation are in big trouble. Who’s to say what cornerstone is used to align equality and fairness for society. The ad hoc bias of “hate-watcher” SPLC?

“…that very faith in equality can also cloud their perception of historical and institutional inequities.” So, that’s how communist Howard Zinn made his movie fame & money – through a revisionist myopic history book. You, equally, can too.

This canned ‘bias’ propaganda programing is meant to scour the mind that holds truth, moral truth, absolute truth and replace it with another bias – bi-‘truth’ aka the synthesis of good and evil.

Neither God nor Nature. Neither individual dignity nor intrinsic value. The human and civil rights activists have neither an objective nor a moral standing. Since their incorporation as for-profit entities, with political ambitions, they do have a long history of violating human and civil rights.

The moral hazards created through selective exclusion are well documented in principle and in practice. The Democrats, in particular, need to learn from their history. Unfortunately, their current actions demonstrate they have learned nothing. Their priority remains money, sex, ego, convenience, and population control.

Bubble economics creates an illusion of wealth, which is periodically reset with catastrophic results. A strategy which denigrates individual dignity and devalues human life is self-evidently insane.

CAIR needs to be exposed for its biases and bigotry.

Get used to it people. Micro-aggression is hear to stay.

As actual instances of racism decline year by year, those who profit from racism need ever increasing, and bizarre, definitions of racism to remain relevant and in power.

Does anyone believe that if Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson had a magic wand that would end racism completely, they would actually use it? I doubt they would ever willingly allow the end of their power and revenue stream.

Juba Doobai! | May 11, 2014 at 7:43 pm

I’m ROFLMAO at some of the groups co-sponsoring this idiocy:

CAIR, the organization which supports terrorism, is anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-woman, and anti-homosexual–really? CAIR?

La Raza, the group whose name means “The Race,” and who says “for the race (meaning Mexicans) everything, for the rest nothing.” Really? La Raza?

Then the bigoted, anti-Christian LBGTQIB crowd, for real?

The NAACP which believes that black Conservatives are house negroes and Uncle Toms. The same NAACP that is in bed with Louis Farrakhan? Really? NAACP?

These people have to be kidding!

I’m not white, but if I were, I would be standing up, fist clenched, and telling these people: “say it loud: I’m white and I’m proud!” Then I’d remind them of the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Micro-aggressions is just another tool of the emergent Nazi state designed to shut people up.

These is a strain of mean anger coming out of every one of these groups. Republicans have to get clever and come up with a strategy to conquer that anger. They’re always coming up on the defensive. Someone on the elephant’s team must have played an offensive position.

Let’s start wiping out bias by refusing to recognize “difference” or engage in discussion about it. Anyone who is truly sincere about doing so cannot simultaneously exalt “difference” and also demand that it be ignored — but only as to situations and contexts defined by someone else’s biases.

The concept (which includes calls for “diversity” — in what? based on whose arbitrary criteria, preferences, er, “biases”?) is, at the core, ridiculous.

Into how many smaller and smaller slices should we cut up the population to define people by their so-called differences? (And which “differences” are important? Decided by who?) Keep cutting, and what you ultimately get are “individuals”. Let’s stick with that, not groupist identifiers of more and more absurd and multifarious kinds.

Let’s “take offense” loudly and longly at anyone else’s unmitigated gall to profess to judge any of us or presume to know our motives or what we think, using these same simultaneously exalted and offensive identifiers — which is what these nincompoop “progressives” (progressing to what?) are doing. What they themselves are doing in fact is prejudging others, defaming others, putting them down, broad-brushing them as bigots, sexists, and so forth, based on their own biases. Where do they get off.

And enough with affirmative action already in academia and government. Admissions, hiring and awarding of contracts must be by applications that are silent on all of these groupist status identifiers.

It’s time for a backlash of epic proportion.

The predecessor to microaggression was “visceral racism,” a term still in use today but, in the 1970s, used to describe prejudice that exists well below conscious recognition or admittance. The term “microaggression” takes the notion of unconscious prejudice from that of passive bias of thought into that of active assault against the rights and dignity of others. In short, microaggression was invented to move visceral racism into the penumbra of criminality.

And does Robert Zimmerman’s performance here remind anyone else of Vladimir Pozner’s appearances on Ted Koppel’s Nightline?

Whiteness project? Sounds racist.

Could someone tell me what micro-aggression is?

    Henry Hawkins in reply to mzk. | May 12, 2014 at 11:45 am

    Example of micro-aggression: “He was the black sheep of the family.”

    The intent of speaker is irrelevant, because m-a is purported to be essentially a subconscious thing. This is very handy to racebaiters, because it means only they can say whether you are racist. Micro-aggressive racists are incapable of identifying it themselves, and are unaware they are racists.

    I call it Casper Racism.

      Henry Hawkins in reply to Henry Hawkins. | May 12, 2014 at 11:47 am

      Another example is knowing that a stranger on the phone is black by their accent, inflection, slang, etc.

      No, really.

        janitor in reply to Henry Hawkins. | May 12, 2014 at 10:49 pm


        Or knowing the caller is a woman or a man!

        Well, actually, I’ve made a mistake on occasion… it’s momentarily awkward. (Why is this presumed to be okay the other way?)

Must we keep racism alive at all costs?

    Henry Hawkins in reply to Immolate. | May 12, 2014 at 1:44 pm

    It is a thriving American industry. Alas, it needs to die. To kill the racism industry, we need to unionize it.

For a couple months right after Obama was first elected, it seemed like there was going to be this post-racial, good-we’re-past-it happy thing going, and maybe the country would move into a great cohesive healing.

Then of course, it rapidly became clear that there could be no denying Obama’s utter incompetence.

Sometimes I suspect that Obama’s supporters are just so flipped out, cognitive dissonance being what it is, that it’s at least in part what has spawned new virulent “racism” alibi-making. Doesn’t denial have something to do with the stages of grief and loss?