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Hey @StateDeptSpox — They’re laughing at you not with you

Hey @StateDeptSpox — They’re laughing at you not with you

Claims Obama doesn’t give himself enough credit for foreign policy successes.

Poor Jen Psaki, the Spokeswoman for the State Department.

Her job is almost as difficult as newly resigned White House spokesman, Jay Carney.

Speaking to reporters recently, Ms. Psaki got a rise out of the crowd when she suggested Obama doesn’t give himself enough credit.

Here’s the video.

Transcript via News Busters…

Q: Jen, you would argue the president doesn’t give himself enough credit? How much credit would you give him?

PSAKI: Well, I think what I’m — I would give him more than he has given himself. That’s what I just said.

Q: What, like, 200 percent credit?

PSAKI: So would the secretary.

Q: So — and for — and for –

Q: Credit for what? I’m sorry, credit for what?

Q: For what, yes, exactly? That’s the point.

Q: No, I mean, I don’t — I don’t mean, like, he doesn’t deserve credit.

Q: For the Iran negotiations?

Q. I mean — I mean — I’m talking, what specifically are you talking he doesn’t get enough credit for — (inaudible)?

PSAKI: For engagement initiatives like Iran, what we’ve done on Ukraine, efforts to dive in and engage around the world.


Q: I mean, Russia has still annexed Crimea. I mean, Iran — there’s ongoing negotiations, but is that the success here that you’re talking?

PSAKI: We’re talking about engagement in the world and taking on tough issues that present themselves. And the United States continues to play a prominent role doing that.

Psaki used to work for John Kerry, who ironically, also doesn’t think the president gives himself enough credit.

I don’t think I’d be alone in suggesting Obama gives himself plenty of credit.

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How insane do you have to be to get up in front of a crowd and declare that Obama hasn’t gotten enough credit for his actions (or lack thereof) in places like… Egypt, Ukraine, Iran, Libya, Syria, etc…?

Pshaw, Ms. Psaki!

What a moron.

But then again, seems like that’s a requirement to get a job under this administration.

They’re laughing at you not with you

Bingo. She’s clueless.

I’m sure PSAKI wanted to be alone after that embarrassing showing.

harleycowboy | June 1, 2014 at 8:48 pm

Claims Obama doesn’t give himself enough credit for foreign policy successes.

Name one. PLEASE!