Poor Jen Psaki, the Spokeswoman for the State Department.

Her job is almost as difficult as newly resigned White House spokesman, Jay Carney.

Speaking to reporters recently, Ms. Psaki got a rise out of the crowd when she suggested Obama doesn’t give himself enough credit.

Here’s the video.

Transcript via News Busters…

Q: Jen, you would argue the president doesn’t give himself enough credit? How much credit would you give him?

PSAKI: Well, I think what I’m — I would give him more than he has given himself. That’s what I just said.

Q: What, like, 200 percent credit?

PSAKI: So would the secretary.

Q: So — and for — and for –

Q: Credit for what? I’m sorry, credit for what?

Q: For what, yes, exactly? That’s the point.

Q: No, I mean, I don’t — I don’t mean, like, he doesn’t deserve credit.

Q: For the Iran negotiations?

Q. I mean — I mean — I’m talking, what specifically are you talking he doesn’t get enough credit for — (inaudible)?

PSAKI: For engagement initiatives like Iran, what we’ve done on Ukraine, efforts to dive in and engage around the world.


Q: I mean, Russia has still annexed Crimea. I mean, Iran — there’s ongoing negotiations, but is that the success here that you’re talking?

PSAKI: We’re talking about engagement in the world and taking on tough issues that present themselves. And the United States continues to play a prominent role doing that.

Psaki used to work for John Kerry, who ironically, also doesn’t think the president gives himself enough credit.

I don’t think I’d be alone in suggesting Obama gives himself plenty of credit.

Featured image via YouTube.