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What’s the strategy here?

What’s the strategy here?



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Boehner is quitting. He’s done.

    Quit faster, please.

    Agree and he’s ready to cash out with a nice, high-paying job as a lobbyist waiting for him in the “private” sector. About this push for amnesty I always wondered if they were really that dumb in thinking that was a good way to get the Hispanic vote or if they were just corrupt. I have no doubt now that is the latter.

1. What’s the strategy here?

Boehner is demonstrating that he cares for his constituents, i.e. for the crony capitalists who are conspiring with Big Government to undermine our middle classes.

Maybe he’s showing that his heart is in the right place while various cushy post-election gigs are being negotiated.

2. Since I criticize the Right for language that puts off swing voters, I don’t feel free to say what I think of Boehner and his ilk.

mumzieistired | April 25, 2014 at 6:33 pm

Strategy? He’s tired and wants a rest, maybe?
Dear Voters in the 8th District of Ohio: Puhlease give him a rest.

JimMtnViewCaUSA | April 25, 2014 at 6:34 pm

Another opportunity for GOP betrayal of the common citizen over Export-Import Bank (club for growth)! I’ve snipped the email quite a lot.
Repub leadership is currently saying they won’t reauthorize, but we’ll see.

Club For Growth:
What do Solyndra, Mexican Drug Cartels, and Enron all have in common?
The Export-Import Bank.
A taxpayer-backed bank that even President Obama has called “little more than a fund for corporate welfare.”
And it’s shaping up to be the subject of a MAJOR battle between the pro-free market caucus in the House and Congressional leadership. …

The Ex-Im Bank is a taxpayer-backed agency that operates independently, with a board and President appointed by President Obama. The stated mission of the bank is to provide financing and loan guarantees to foreign businesses so they can buy American products.
If a company wants to export its widgets to a place with high credit risk, like Cyprus or Ukraine, a private bank like JP Morgan might be hesitant to provide a loan – and rightfully so.

The government’s solution?
Use YOUR tax dollars to guarantee the high-risk loan.
Yes, you read that right. YOUR tax dollars are backing loans to places that are so risky that no normal lenders will lend there.

It gets worse.

Not only does the Ex-Im Bank take risks with your tax dollars that most private lenders would avoid, but the bank primarily gives loans and loan guarantees to a few politically-connected companies to export their products.

Case in point: In 2012, 83% of the loan guarantees went to one company: Boeing. That’s why some politicians derisively refer to the Export-Import Bank as “Boeing’s Bank”.

After the Ex-Im Bank gave loans to Air India to buy Boeing planes, Air India promptly used the savings to undercut Delta Airlines on their international routes. Boeing won, Delta (and American taxpayers) lost. …
So what does this have to do with Solyndra, Mexican Drug Cartels, and Enron?

They have each benefitted from the Ex-Im Bank.

And the questionable lending practices don’t end there.

An oil company with ties to the Russian mafia also received help from the Ex-Im Bank. And just recently, news reports stated that one of Vladimir Putin’s closest allies sought loan guarantees from the Ex-Im Bank to buy private jets.

The Ex-Im Bank even once gave a company called First Solar funding to export solar panels…to itself! …

Can’t say I am surprised by Boehner’s antics. There is precious little difference between the GOP and the Democrat Party anymore. It is true that a President McCain would not have pushed socialized medicine, but we certainly would have had amnesty by now (with the Democrats running up 60% or better majorities in both houses of Congress). Likewise, a President Romney would right now be neck-deep in trying to “fix” Obamacare – remember his passion for Romneycare? – which would have demolished what was left of the GOP. And I openly dread what a Jeb Bush, Peter King, or a Chris Christie would do to the Republican Party if any of them got the Presidential nomination.

The MSM/DNC axis finally got their wish – both major political parties are virtually identical to each other.

To think that these people represent our political opposition to Obama and his imperium of corruption is beyond farcical. I’ve never seen the Republican party in a more pathetic and debauched condition. In fact, set aside a handful of oddities (Sessions, Cruz, Gohlmert, etc.,) who are probably actually considered lepers and freaks by the Establishment, the entire political class is beyond redemption.

What an embarrassment! He has forgotten what he is. The final two years of Obama is going to require a very strong leader and it needs to be someone who is not at the top of this current pack. They all need to slink into the background and stay there. They are not the voice of our party.

    Sanddog in reply to gasper. | April 26, 2014 at 2:58 am

    He knows exactly what he is.

    He thinks we’re just too stupid to understand why legalizing 10 million criminals isn’t the most fabulous idea, ever. Hang around DC long enough and I guess contempt for the rule of law and the Constitution is a natural result.

Henry Hawkins | April 25, 2014 at 8:26 pm

He may or may not quit but I don’t think this is evidence of it. I think this is a shot across the bow of the GOP right wing from its centrist House Majority Leader just ahead of the next session of congress. It’s another DC GOP grenade lobbed at the TP coalition in congress.

Then again, maybe Boehner is quitting, making himself expendable, that he can martyr his position solidifying the GOP establishment against the right wing with stuff like this before he goes.

Either way, an internecine fight between the GOP center and right is a nice distraction while you sneak up on an immigration ‘reform’ bill and a Friday midnight vote.

Democratic leverage.

There are specific causes to motivate around one million people annually to leave their homes and migrate to a foreign land. Those causes cannot be dismissed or considered lightly. The consequences of converged migration, of immigration exceeding the rate of assimilation, cannot be dismissed or considered lightly. The motives of theses aliens must be made clear. The terms and circumstances of their stay must be made clear. The causes to motivate their mass emigration must be addressed. There must be accountability to follow with a tremendous and progressive upheaval. Otherwise, we are destined to witness and be the victims of circumstance, which can be characterized and mitigated, both in America and in the aliens’ homelands.

There are also specific causes to motivate and placate a native population. Comprehensive immigration reform would address American passivity, alien turmoil, and incentives for each.

BannedbytheGuardian | April 25, 2014 at 9:23 pm

Fantasies of porking voluptuous Latinas .

Arnie started it but she was big fat & pretty ugly & a housekeeper . Boehner thinks he could hook Sofia from Modern Family .

Others are hoping for their own personal Ricky Raoul & Pablo . Think Lady Chatterley’s Lover with a down south o’ the border feel . Remember Feelings are everything.

The man needs to eat more fiber. Looks like he is constipated.

Sounds like his crotch hurts from all that fence sitting.

He is campaigning in his district.

Who knows better what the people of his district want to hear from him, a bunch of malcontents or the man who has won 12 straight elections there?

This sounds like just another “Boehner Amnesty” scare, which makes four already this year, and it is only April.

    Henry Hawkins in reply to Estragon. | April 26, 2014 at 1:31 pm

    So, along with blaming voters for not voting GOP when they were ‘supposed’ to, you also agree with badmouthing and ridiculing your own party members during a midterm campaign? Or is it just Boehner permitted to do this? Or is there a list of approved GOP members permitted this political fraticide?

    That’s the GOP’s top guy, mugging like a school boy, denigrating his own party members, and providing a wonderful little video snippet sure to find its way into the campaigns of the Demcrats currently running against the GOP incumbents Boehner openly ridicules.

    “See what my opponent’s own House Leader thinks of him!” (Roll Boehner soundbite).

    This is exactly how a party narrows its base and loses elections.

“Limp” is simply doing his latest Captain Queeg impression.

Boehner has done a great thing here. He has provided the perfect example to cite next time I promote a third party candidate and am vilified for aiding and abetting the enemy by not voting the party line.

GayPatriot reports:

Republican Leadership: “If you elect us, we’re not going to repeal Obamacare but we will pass Amnesty”

I’ve said it repeatedly: A nation that refuses to protect its borders does not deserve to survive, and won’t. Sooner or later its luck, like the dodo’s, will run out.

A government that refuses to protect its borders is not a legitimate government. A government that undermines its own laws is not a legitimate government. A government that sabotages the general welfare on behalf of kleptocratic elites is not a legitimate government.

Protect borders= keep all the one day Latino voters out… Voter I’d = limit American minority voting. Along with gerrymandering and early voting limits in minority precincts this should work so we can have a President Cruz or a president Christie.