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Turkey to lift ban on Twitter

Turkey to lift ban on Twitter

The government of Turkey says it is lifting a recent ban on Twitter after a court ruling declared that the ban violated freedom of expression.



From the Associated Press:

Turkey’s government said Thursday it is lifting its ban on Twitter, a day after the country’s highest court ruled that the block is a violation of freedoms and ordered that access be restored.

Turkey blocked access to the social media website two weeks ago after users posted links suggesting government corruption. The government then also blocked access to YouTube following the leak of an audio recording of a high-level security meeting. The moves sparked international criticism and the ban was challenged in several Turkish courts, including the Constitution Court which ruled against the Twitter ban on Wednesday.

That ban had also been far less effective than intended, as users quickly started employing various methods to easily circumvent the block.

Social media of course was also a significant tool in last year’s Gezi Park protests in Turkey, which saw repeated attempts at crackdowns from the government.

The Associated Press reports that access to Twitter on Thursday was is in the process of being restored, according to a statement from Turkey’s Transportation and Communications Ministry.

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The ruling comes conveniently after the election, which was the whole point of the ban: suppressing dissent just before the election. Not that it matters, Turkey doesn’t have real elections since all allowed candidates are ideologically identical. Try getting on the ballot if you’re not Muslim, for example.

Not to mention the fact that the ban was completely ineffectual, because that problem got solved by the Egyptian demonstrators a couple of years ago…..