She’s everywhere, and everyone is talking her up.

Even conservatives.

Liberals want her because she is the fight they want.  Conservatives want her because she is the fight they want.

Hillary is second fiddle.  A well-financed, established, contrived second fiddle, but second fiddle she is. A muddled mixed-bag of corporatism, liberalism, corny capitalism, entitlement, and machine politics. No clear lines, she.

Warren, by contrast, is all clear lines. Statism versus individual liberty. The nanny state versus autonomy.

All clear lines, she.

Warren still denies she “is running” for President, and is emphatic that Hillary is “terrific.”  In the same way that Obama said Hillary was likeable enough.

At some point, Warren needs to come to the realization that events and times are bigger than she is.  She needs to run.  She is the fight everyone has been waiting for.