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Obamacare sales pitch in one video

Obamacare sales pitch in one video

The staff over at National Review Online posted this video from NBC’s Meet the Press that captures a compilation of recent efforts to promote Obamacare.

“We wanted to put together a montage of what has been an incredible White House health care sales pitch,” Chuck Todd said when introducing the video on the program.

I wish I’d had this video last night when I prepped this morning’s post about SNL’s spoof on the latest promotional blitz for Obamacare.


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Hmm, a so-so video from NBC. Betcha, you’ld rather see this one:

The Royal Royals vs The Royal Obamas

Yeah, it’s mine, but it’s at least good for a laugh.

Chuck Todd is trying to pretend he hasn’t been a slavish little Obama sycophant for the last nine years? (Since Obama hit the Senate, it has been a mountain of man-love from Chuck to Barry, in between the boot-licking and butt-kissing).

There’s always an Upchuck Todd flitting around people in power. Like a demented fruit fly.