At College Insurrection, we have been covering the case of Rachel Canning, the New Jersey teen who sued her parents for college tuition.

Rush Limbaugh just talked about Canning’s supposed Facebook page, “Education for Rachel.” The page contains posts such as this one, decrying the greed of suburban baby boomers.

LI #06b

The “About” info from the Facebook page:


Canning’s attorney however claims the page is a hoax.

The New Jersey teenager who sued her parents to pay for college is the alleged victim of a Facebook hoax that appears to be fanning the flame of public disgust aimed at the teen.

Rachel Canning woke up to a new round of outrage Friday morning. But, according to her attorney, she had no hand in it.

“This page is a hoax,” attorney John P. Inglesino said in an email to the Los Angeles Times on Friday morning. He was referring to this Facebook page.

He, as well as some media outlets, say Canning is being pranked through social media accounts that have cropped up in her name.

But that hasn’t kept inflammatory remarks from the apparently fake Facebook account from pinging around the Internet — and fueling rage against Canning, the 18-year-old who recently sued her parents for, essentially, child support.

Her parents portrayed Canning during court proceedings as a spoiled child who refused to abide by house rules before leaving home. Family acquaintance Inglesino was willing to file suit. It all added up to what will likely rank as one of the most sensational social media stories of 2014.

It is tragic that this family’s drama is being played out in such a public venue. And while many young Americans may be selfish or misguided, they shouldn’t be the target of smears or hoaxes, either.

After reviewing Canning’s current situation, head on over to College Insurrection for a palate cleanser. There are many sensible young conservatives on campus, who are working toward a better a future for themselves and their country.

All while not looking for a handout from mom, dad, or the government.