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Journalism so edgy, it’s sponsored by GE

Journalism so edgy, it’s sponsored by GE

How about this motto: “We report, we decide”

Ezra Klein’s new venture has a name.

And a slick promo video about how Ezra and, ahem, Matthew Yglesias, have reinvented journalism.

Has there ever been a more vapid promo video in the history of humankind?

Vox 9 Questions Highlighted Explanation

To show how new and edgy they are, the damn video fills up the entire screen when viewed on the website. Because large and filling up the entire page shows that one is edgy.

I had to adjust the 892x1585px embed code size manually so it didn’t screw up my page. And they use an embed code that disappears when viewed in html version on WordPress, which is annoying. Tech gurus, the bunch.

Sponsored by General Electric.

Just like in the old days, when GE had a spokesman we could be proud of:


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rabid wombat | March 9, 2014 at 8:06 pm

what… was taken?

Hard to produce good content when you’ve got your head up your liberal butt.

So, Vox is going to provide “context”. Uh-huh.

No thanks, boys. If I want to progressive indoctrination, I’ll head over to democratic underground or daily Kos.

Vox. “Voice”. Ummm . . . ok.

I’m sure they’d have preferred Veritas but that would be too obvious, as it means the same thing as Pravda.

“Progressivism is our most important product.”

“Our end goal…[is] making sure you understand what just happened.”

I’m sure George Orwell would understand. (I’m pretty sure I got it, too.)

LukeHandCool | March 9, 2014 at 10:30 pm

I haven’t been this excited in over 20 years.

Remember Vice President Al Gore spearheading the National Partnership for Reinventing Government in 1993?

It was beyond being just another futile effort to streamline government and make it less wasteful and more answerable to the people.

Government was to be “reinvented.” A concept so profound and yet so obvious, it was breathtaking yet flatulent all at once.

Look at how Clinton/Gore’s reinvention of government has changed our lives ever since 1993.

Whatever happened to it? Did it just die? Somebody forget to feed it?

I predict this reinvention of journalism will be just as profound in our lives.

The brilliance of making us all members of Journ-o-List.

That’s ballsy.

“Our end goal isn’t telling you what just happened, or how we feel about what just happened, it’s making sure you don’t get the slightest clue as to what really happened, let alone think any thoughts that contradict the official Progressive Narrative.”

Why do I hear an “or else” in that promo?

This is the guy who thought it was okay for writers to talk about an event and agree on how they would write about it.

This is a guy who thinks it’s okay to lie to the public as long as you’re doing it for “good” reasons.

This is a guy who’s ethics are absent and who’s sensibilities are dulled by his ego.

Years ago, Rush would say a similar thing, just to taunt the libs. It was something like, “I’m going to tell you the news, and tell you what to think about it.” Rush can be hilarious. Libs, however, don’t have a sense of humor.

Ezra Klein is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. Perhaps with age and some real world experience, he will gain some prospective and end up being a pretty good journalist.

As it stands now, he is the pajama boy of the journalism world.

All that double talk won’t play day to day. 24/7 stories complete with Q & A? Klein, Yglesias, & Melissa Bell who is not a “senior” anything. I can hardly wait to ignore her editorial judgements.

Hey – and Vox sounds like a takeoff on Fox but its voice will be so sotto when compared to big shaker in the news business.

It’s the same principle of “managing the news” and ensuring the “progressive narrative” is applied to every news story, not allowing the poor ignorant hoi polloi to be confused by mere unadorned facts which might be taken out of the proper progressive context as was the object of Journ-O-List.

Klein and Yglesias are so proud of their propaganda efforts, they not only wish to stop hiding them (Klein all but admitted “Journ-o-List” never really stopped), but believe people will flock to their new website to be indoctrinated.

Of course, people will ignore the fact that Klein, as the self-styled “health care wonk” for ObamaCare, spent years justifying every aspect of the health care plan, and has been exposed as having been at best wrong about everything and at worst lying through his leftist teeth.

Because there is a great wellspring of desire in the world to be lectured at by arrogant rich white leftists punk boys who believe themselves to be “elite” by birthright, so of course all the rubes want to hear what they have to say.

Ronald Reagan is adorable in that commercial!

And he never tried to be like Obama.

I’m glad they like themselves so much and think they are so smart.

But we don’t. Go away and shut your vox.

On their web page it seems that “explain the news” means writing an article like a newspaper story. Liberal innovation!

So let me get this straight. is predigested regurgitated ‘news’ from the bowels of a boy-in-the-bubble-pajamaed liberal journalist served on a platter of techno “oh-ah” on top a bed of hubris?

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | March 10, 2014 at 10:11 am

The journolist thing proved that these guys are not journalists. They’re activists. Hacks.

Here’s activist Klein letting the healthcare cat out of the bag way back in July 2008. It’s only a 2 minute video but the big reveal comes during the last 15-20 seconds.

While the Democrat primary had not been concluded when this video was shot, it was a foregone conclusion that Hillary could not catch Obama and Obama was the Democrat nominee. As long as Obama won the presidential election in November, it is clear that Klein and other left wing activists were already plotting how to use deception to force a left wing government takeover of healthcare. Lying repeatedly that “if you like your insurance you can keep your insurance” was always not an accident. It was part of the plan. I heard someone not long ago describe Soviet agitprop as “lying for the truth”. From the beginning, “lying for the truth” was always the Democrat plan for taking over healthcare, as Klein makes clear in the video.

So just remember that phrase, “lying for the truth” whenever you read whatever these activists are peddling. They have a history.

Does this mean that the NSA has collected enough meta data to start herding us?

” it’s making sure you understand what’s just happened. ”

In other words making one “think” the correct way.

Because was already taken.