I realize most of you will not care about this, but the next big thing is Ezra Klein joining Vox Media (home of some high traffic sites) to start a new website somehow related to what we think of as news.

You can read the announcement.  It’s very, what’s the word, oh yeah, hubris-ee.

Ezra, and sidekick Matthew Yglesias (of Sarah Palin target map fame), will create a website to explain what the news means, not just what the news is. In other words, more of the same, but on a higher tech platform.

But there was one sentence in the announcement that jumped out at me (emphasis added):

But we’re also hiring. If you share our passion for fixing the news, you should send us your resume here, and tell us how you want to help us do a better job informing our readers.

I think that’s a pretty revealing description, more revealing than Klein probably intended.

Fixing the news is what happened at the Journolist, run by Klein, when the mostly young and upcoming D.C. brat pack-ers strategized how they collectively should play events (such as attacks on Sarah Palin and Trig Palin) so as not to damage the Obama campaign:

The emerging picture of the Journolist is that it served as a place where like-minded people who had great influence on how the media portrayed events were able to coordinate their story lines for the benefit of the Obama campaign.

We saw the media bias on the surface; the Journolistas helped frame that bias below the surface.

Nothing has changed. Now it’s called fixing the news.

(Featured Image via NewsBusters)


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