A comment to our bumper sticker post, Guide to California Crazy, inspired a response from reader JoAnne:

Just wanted to add this picture to prove Alex’s hypothesis! And just another reason we left California! This pic is from 2006 but she changed the signs to go with the current campaign.

It was taken in Concord, CA in May of 2006. Suck, huh?!!

Thanks for all your work.

Here’s part of the comment to which she was responding:

Alex Bensky | March 16, 2014 at 10:48 am

I have pointed out before this confirmation of my bumper sticker guide to political personalities.

…. My hypothesis is that it reveals a certain basic strain in leftist thinking and motivation–that the primary goal of political opinions is moral display, showing oneself and others that one is a good, decent person whose sensibilities are attuned to a higher plane. To many leftists, politics is primary a means of moral exhibitionism and moral confirmation.

If anyone has arguments with this hypothesis, please offer them.