From LukeHandCool, a handy Guide to California Crazy, with commentary:

Came across this motorized billboard on a corner of Wilshire Boulevard on L.A.’s Westside after dropping the son off at school. He’s becoming quite a politically incorrect joker and I’d just given him a little lecture to be cautious around his teachers; that it’s much safer to give the teacher a rotten, non-organic, non-fair-trade apple than to challenge his/her political sensibilities.

Anyway, behold the peak of evolution of the car as pop-art-political statement.

I call it, “Driving the Narrative: When Life Imitates Art Imitating Life: A Conversation with Still Life.”

1) “Marriage = heart + heart.” My wife has disproved this theory.

2) “Democracies Die Behind Closed Doors.” Whereupon they go to The Afterlife on the backs of cars.

3) “Earth Without Art is Just ‘Eh.'” Spoken like a true cavewoman.

4) “Imagine What We Could Accomplish if We Weren’t so Afraid of Each Other.” You first.

5) “The Most Powerful Mind-Altering Substance is the Truth.” Yeah, but I suspect the buzz it gives you won’t feel too good, lady.

6) “The Time to do the Right Thing is Always Now.” Tony Robbins just gagged.

7) “Got Aloha?” Yeah. You?

8) “I’m Already Against the Next War.” Oh! You’re a Prepper!

9) “Whatever Happens to the Water Happens to the People.” You betcha, especially when you’re talking tsunamis.

10) “If Evolution is Just a Theory, Religion is Just an Opinion.” 9 out of 10 primate species agree! Homo sapiens sapiens stupid stupid wingnuts! By the way, where in “social justice” does “survival of the fittest” come in?

11) “Freedom of Speech Means the Freedom to Disagree.” I’ll bet you say that to all your many conservative Republican friends.

12) “I’m for the Separation of Church & Hate.” — I’m for the separation of the racist, anti-Semitic Reverend Al Sharpton and MSNBC State Media. Please also separate the racist, anti-Semitic Reverends Wright, Jackson, Farrakhan, etc., from the left, and we’ll take care of the evil Mike Huckabee.


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