Retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson took the stage at CPAC Saturday, where he focused on a number of issues.

Carson opened by speaking about his dreams as a child to become a physician and the amazing opportunity his career path provided for him, saying “…because we live in a land of opportunity, because I had a mother who was ‘no excuses,’ and because I believe in God.”

He quickly launched into the topic of political correctness.

“As you know, I am not a fan of political correctness. I hate political correctness. I will continue to defy the PC police who have tried, in many cases, to shut me up. I actually find them pretty amusing.”

Carson continued to address other topics, including the need to reach out and encourage others to vote.

In concluding, he spoke about remembering that people have sacrificed so that we could be free.

“The next time you sing the national anthem and you get to the end of that first stanza and it says ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave,’ don’t just let those words roll off your tongue. We must remember that we cannot be free if we are not brave.”

Watch the full speech below (intro goes until about 4:00).


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