There was a massive document dump of Clinton White House files. The Wall Street Journal has a Live Dive as to what’s been found so far.

So far it seems the document getting the most attention is one in which those involved in planning Hillarycare admitted internally there was no honest way to promise people they could keep their doctor and their plan (h/t @ByronYork)(emphasis in original):

We have a line on p.10 that says “You’ll pick the health plan and the doctor of your choice.” This sounds great and I know that it’s just what people want to hear. But can we get away with it? Isn’t the whole thrust of our health plan to steer people toward chaper, HMO-style providers? It’s one thing to say we’ll preserve your option to pick the doctor of your choice (recognizing this will cost more), it’s quite another to appear to promise the nation that everyone will get to pick the doctor of his or her choice. And that’s exactly what this line does. I am very worried about getting skewered for over-promising here on something we know full well we won’t deliver.”

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