I swear, Slate.com must be messing with my head.

Three days ago I had the Saturday Night Card Game all lined up. The MSNBC tweet heard round the world about conservatives hating biracial families just landed on my lap, the easiest SNCG post ever:

MSNBC Twitter Right Wing Hate Biracial

Kaboom — Michelle Malkin ripped MSNBC’s throat out:

Michelle Malkin Twitter MSNBC Tweet BiRacial

Twitter exploded, providing easy post material (Check out Twitchy, Right Scoop among others).

Cheerios was not happy that MSNBC was dragging it into conservative bashing.

In one of the most beautiful displays I’ve ever seen, dozens (hundreds?) of conservative biracial families posted their family photos.

MSNBC eventually apologized, something it’s getting very good at doing. It also fired the employee responsible, although frankly, s/he was just doing what MSNBC hosts do every day and night:

Twitter Legal Insurrection MSNBC Biracial tweet

It all was perfect, a post prepared days in advance.

Then this tweeted by a Slate editor:

Slate Twitter Snow Racism

Yup, the racist snow storm. Two inches worth of hate.

It looks like they have changed the title to What Does Racism Have to Do With Gridlock? In Atlanta, everything.

I liked this response:

Slate Twitter Snow Racism Response

Regardless, it’s thrown me off my plan. And created more work. Damn you, Slate.com (but thanks for the material.)

[Featured image source: CBS News]


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