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Wendy Davis doubles down: “Mine is the story of single mothers who feel alone in the world”

Wendy Davis doubles down: “Mine is the story of single mothers who feel alone in the world”

There’s no turning back, she’s all in.

Her personal narrative has been exposed.

Her ex-husband was told to shut up, but he didn’t.

She’s going after reporters and her opponent, rather than following her own advice and reflecting on her own shortcomings.

Another well-known Texas reporter has some more juicy tidbits, and compares her campaign to Gary Hart’s failed presidential bid as it unraveled with one small personal narrative failure after another.

But she’s not backing down.  She’s betting the ranch.

She’s going all in with the Single Mother theme, as in the Featured Image above, and a stream of tweets:

Wendy Davis Twitter Stream Jan 21 2014


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She cannot claim loneliness now.

It was her choice to give up custody of her kids, wasn’t it?

What’s the risk?

She sat back in awe as the MSM turned her into a national folk hero over her “#OWS meets Kermit Gosnell” Act I, scenes 1-9

She’s calculated there’s as much of a chance of the media digging into the truth of her background as Occidental College releasing Obama’s student application.

Freddie Sykes | January 21, 2014 at 5:45 pm

“We’re not surprised by Greg Abbott’s campaign attacks on the personal story of my life as a single mother who worked hard to get ahead… And I guarantee you that [ any paraplegic ] who tries to say otherwise hasn’t walked a day in my shoes.” Wendy Davis.

I feel utmost respect and admiration for those women who had struggled adversity without giving up. There’s plenty of those women around us.
They work hard. They study. They bring their families forward.

Wendy Davis is not one of them. She’s a manipulator, a liar and a shameless poser, and that makes her a disgrace.

    Marco100 in reply to Exiliado. | January 22, 2014 at 2:20 pm

    Davis is/was a gutter snipe bar whore/trailer trash whose own father pimped her out to a Sugar Daddy, her second husband, who was completely clueless that the whole objective was to financially scam him, then dump him when she was finished with him. I wonder how many partners and associates she banged while at that law firm, trying to eff her way into a job. Of course that didn’t help since she’s a loudmouth obnoxious dummy with no real legal chops (as proven by the Texas appeal court decision). What kind of a numnutz who is obviously a public figure thinks they can win a retaliatory “defamation” suit against a newspaper for reporting the news, just because the facts were not to Ms. Davis’s liking?

On a personal level, I wish she’d stick to her feminist principles and revert back to her maiden name-just sayin’

That she’s inventing an “attack” out of whole cloth shouldn’t surprise anyone, given her already exposed lack of regard for the truth.

This will not end well for her. Before she just looked foolishly loose with her facts in an obvious attempt to build a particular narrative, something we practically expect (sadly) as SOP from our politicians these days. Now she’s publicly confirmed that she has a willful disregard for the truth and is quite willing to knowingly make false allegations. Not very lawyerly. Pathetic is the only word to describe her now.

WENDY DAVIS: My paraplegic opponent, Greg Abbott, doesn’t understand my struggle, “hasn’t walked a day in my shoes.” Yeesh.

And of course, words against her, SEXIST!

A crass and cruel game playing female..

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | January 21, 2014 at 6:36 pm

Abandoned her children. Her husband paid for her law school. Then she filed for divorce after committing adultery. And she’s portraying herself as a standard issue Democrat victim.

I’m certain Democrats will vote for her. I just hope there are enough sane independents/moderates to see through this charade. She’s a gold digging, power hungry, self absorbed narcissist.

Single mothers?
You dumped your husband and your kids and split because you had things you wanted to do and a family would just get in the way.
I mean, who needs kids anyway, huh?
Just stab ’em and suck ’em out, right Wendy?
The only thing that matters is that you get what you want.
With your nose job and your fake boobs…
You’re a user of men and a worthless excuse for a mother.

    n.n in reply to JohnC. | January 21, 2014 at 7:23 pm

    So, she’s a user and abuser, who places her needs before her family. Yeah, she’s a role model of some kind. Perhaps suitable for a progressive morality.

    rhvette in reply to JohnC. | January 21, 2014 at 9:26 pm

    You know, I’d really like to hear her kids’ thoughts on her positions. I’m sure that’s a fun conversation to have around the dinner table. “So, Wendy, given that you divorced Dad gave up custody without a fight, would you have late-term aborted us if you’d had the chance? Since we’re apparently just too much of a burden and all?”

Professor J, were you aware that she’s a Rhode Islander? She lived in West Warwick until she was 11.

Then in that terrible part of her life when her father abandoned the family and she had to get a job to help her mother pay the bills? She was working for her father in his restaurant. Daddy sucked at abandonment.

It is dissociation of risk which causes corruption. It is dreams of sex, money, and ego fulfillment which motivates its progress.

That said, Davis’s, and all Democrats, story is one of supporting human rights violation on an unprecedented scale. The choice to deny our unalienable right to life is the defining issue of the modern era. The normalization of abortion is state-sponsored murder, albeit at the mother’s (i.e. contractor) request, through lethal injection or dismemberment of over one million wholly innocent human lives annually. The consequences of degrading a human life to a commodity should not be underestimated.

The rest of her story is unimpressive at best, and self-incriminating at worst.

    n.n in reply to n.n. | January 21, 2014 at 7:03 pm

    Why do all left-wing regimes embrace murder as a population control protocol? Can they offer no alternative in order to make the numbers (i.e. people) manageable? After several thousand years of practice, one would think that they would learn a different trade, offer a viable solution, or withdraw from offering intelligent design services. The choice is: morality of the Right or authoritarianism of the Left.

      Shane in reply to n.n. | January 21, 2014 at 8:53 pm

      The strongest form of population control is wealth generation. Wealth generation happens under minimal government intervention, so it works best under free market capitalism, and it is well known that this is anathema to progressives (neo-liberals).

      So to answer your question if they can offer an alternative to forced death the answer is clearly no.

BannedbytheGuardian | January 21, 2014 at 7:02 pm

Trailer trash goes to Harvard returns as Harvard trailer trash.

The dawning of a new social class.

I feel as bad for Wendy as I do for fake Cherokees who have used others and now pronounce financial judgments upon free Americans.

Wow! Everything is big in Texas, including cases of denial.


This loon is appealing for the pathos of being a “single Mother”, while at the same time gaining fame for a pro-abortion platform? I don’t understand… It seems like she has plans to remove the designation of “single Mother” from the equation. If a woman commits infanticide with her own offspring, does she still remain a “mother”?

    Technically, she can be; although, I would suggest a woman and man be spayed and neutered, respectively, when they choose to abort their child. She is also doing no favors for humanity when denying intrinsic value. We are not commodities! To be traded and disposed at someone’s (e.g. mother) pleasure.

    Elective abortions should be rare and done in a back alley, where the mother will be unlikely to escape the consequences of her decision. Women and men should experience feedback for both their good and bad choices. The principal cause of progressive corruption is dissociation of risk. The paradox of civilization is that it circumvents many social and natural feedbacks, which ensure its corruption and eventual collapse or cooption.

    It is beyond ill-conceived to charter the state to conduct executions of human lives without cause or due process.

    Elliott in reply to David Yotham. | January 22, 2014 at 1:13 pm

    Wendy Davis’ lawsuit against the Star Telegram after her first run for Fort Worth City council which she lost running as a Republican: “It said that “Davis has suffered and is continuing to suffer damages to her mental health, her physical health, her right to pursue public offices in the past and in the future, and to her legal career.” She sought unspecified damages, including “significant exemplary damages.” She never won a single motion through the appeals to the Texas Supreme Court. Not only is she a loon she is a rotten attorney Harvard or no Harvard.

      Marco100 in reply to Elliott. | January 22, 2014 at 2:26 pm

      A newspaper reporting a story on a local political campaign or politician engaged in that campaign is “core First Amendment” freedom of expression, she’s obviously a public figure, either she’s a complete moron (likely) or the only reason she did the lawsuit was for the publicity.

DINORightMarie | January 21, 2014 at 7:33 pm

This is classic Democrat “war on women” BS.

Somewhere Sandra Fluke is smiling. And the leftists are sitting back and writing more of this drivel.

She is a manufactured, groomed, self-serving Lizzie Warren clone. The journOlister MSM will protect her. Just wait.

My aunt went to Stanford back in the day for a graduate degree – took all THREE of her young children with her (hubs stayed back home to work and pay the bills), and found a way to make it work so that she was with her children as much as possible – they have fond memories of exploring the campus like it was a big playground.

When she graduated, degree in hand, she and her children came back to Texas, and she and my uncle resumed their life together until her death many, many years later.

If my aunt could do it back in the bad old days of the early 60’s – y’know, back before the Great Enlightenment – I don’t understand why Ms. Davis couldn’t do it after women were “liberated”.

    Juba Doobai! in reply to teresainfortworth. | January 21, 2014 at 10:08 pm

    Memories. My sister did it much later. The kids went to class with her and stayed in the hallway where the older one kept charge of the younger. Her husband who could have helped didn’t. Still, she used her savings to study, got both degrees, and graduated with her kids at her side.

    MouseTheLuckyDog in reply to teresainfortworth. | January 21, 2014 at 11:05 pm

    “her children as much as possible – they have fond memories of exploring the campus like it was a big playground.”

    I have similar chikdhood memories when I was college student.
    But they had a lot of fun.

I am offended on so many levels by this woman.

First of all she dares to call herself a mother when she gave up custody of the kids? At best she could be called yr’motha!

Secondly that her only option for advancing herself was to go to Harvard when UT has a fabulous law school?

She didn’t want to move up, she wanted OUT. Out of the marriage. And most definitely OUT from the tough road that comes with raising children while going to college.

I’m hoping for a Wizard of Oz like scenario to her demise. That she melts and all that is left of her are those pink sneakers.

Wendy Davis is the Elizabeth Warren of Texas; all that’s left is for her to claim Native American ancestry.

Davis met her second husband when she was still married to her first husband. When he divorced her, she was a “single mother” for 2-3 years until she married the Wallet. When she left hubby #2, she left the kiddies behind and never looked back. Jeff Davis got custody of both kids. The second divorce didn’t make Wendy a single mother because she ditched motherhood and her marriage as soon as her husband paid off her last student loan. Wendy was a single mother with a strong support system for a brief period and she needs to stop riding that train.

Why do democrats hate paraplegics? Why are they waging war on the handicapped? First Biden’s “Stand up, Bob!” (or whatever…), and now Davis.
Why the hate? Why the loathing? Why the paraplegiaphobia?

She became a “single mother” when she divorced her husband on the day her school loan was paid off. Then she divorced him.

Reminds me of the child pleading for mercy because she was an orphan. After she had killed her parents.

    Bruce Hayden in reply to fmc. | January 23, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    Actually, I think that when Davis talks about being a single mother, it was the brief time between her first and second husbands. Remember, her second husband ended up with custody of both his child by her, and her child by her first husband. Hard to claim being a single mother at that point.

Wendy Davis is a lying, conniving, thieving, baby-killing whore.

Which explains her popularity among Democratic women.

How dare that right-wing cripple step on her narrative with his patriarchal facts!

I don’t want to hear the words “my story” again anymore.

“Single Mother”??? Just about anyone reading that would assume that she raised her children on her own. The fact is, due to her being a drug addict, the man she abandoned, the “Single Father” raised them.

NC Mountain Girl | January 22, 2014 at 3:25 am

How many single mothers have a nanny? I have read that Davis and her second husband employed one for several years while she was in college and law school.

The is a prime example of how leftists in the 1% using gender and identity politics to paint themselves as victims in need of special consideration.

Manufactured just like Barbie……….she is the sacrificial lamb to take the heat off of Obama… meat for the red state. No one can have such a backstory and expect to be held up under scrutiny. still fun to watch her crash and burn.

RReaganConservative | January 22, 2014 at 5:34 am

When your an ignorant arrogant narcissistic hypocritical liberal like Wendy Lie-Awatha Davis, aka abortion barbie, what else would she say.. Remember, it’s all about her.. Quote: Wendy Davis says paraplegic opponent hasn’t walked a day in her shoes? lol Absolutely amazing..

Oh, and never mind all of the discrepancies, aka lies, she has put forth, and having her husband pay all of her bills for her, then dumping him and her children right afterwards, etc..

But I guess there’s nothing like being a liberal to not have to worry about having integrity and virtue in your life, is there. What a poc slime of society she is..  Oh, that’s right,  I forgot, she’s a liberal Democrat, so it’s ok.. lol

As a non-Texan, I knew little about Greg Abbott. I now know three things about his personal life (from neo-neocon’s blog, to which the Professor points): his father died when he was 16, he was partially paralyzed in a freak accident, and he used the money collected from a lawsuit from that accident to take care of himself and go forward.

I also knew little (but relatively more, thanks to the MSM) about Wendy Davis: she had been a single mother, she had been married and divorced, and she was the darling of the progressives.

But now hearing her story more closely, I realize that contrary to the assertion made by Annie’s List Executive Director Grace Garcia that we must not question the personal story of Ms. Davis, it turns out that when we do, we see that it’s lacking something –

– veracity. As in, truthfulness.

Something that would be, you know, rather useful to have in a governor.

I do not know enough about Mr. Abbott yet. Perhaps there are holes in his story, perhaps he too embellishes, shades and manipulates his story for public benefit. I rather think if he had done such things I would, all the way up here in Illinois, have heard about it. The MSM would have made sure.

Perhaps it is wrong to venture an opinion as to Ms. Davis’ motivations for her pregnancies, marriages and divorces. Some things are better left private — oh, right, tell that to Mr. Jack Ryan, Illinois Republican senate candidate in 2004 against one Barack Obama. The man married to and divorced from Jerri Ryan, the actress. The man whose sealed divorced records were opened by court order because the Chicago Tribune (goaded by one David Axelrod, and we all know who he is and was) declared that “the public needed to know”.

Gander, meet goose; or said another way, the precedent has been established. Without my knowing anything more about Ms. Davis, it sure does seem like she walked into a trap of her own making.

Mr. Abbott, her maligned Republican opponent, is a Paraplegic!! And, this weepy wittle victim says he hasn’t “WALKED IN MY SHOES”…!!

No shit, Wendy, Dear?