Wendy Davis, the progressive movement’s Texas darling because of her pro-late term abortion filibuster, is withering under revelations that much of her narrative of struggle and financial hardship is misleading at best, fabricated at worst.

The wagons are being circled around her with claims of a War on Women and sexism … all because the truth has come out via an interview with her husband by the Dallas Morning News, and other investigation.

There even are accusations by Texas Democratic political operatives that the campaign of her opponent, Gregg Abbott, has been peddling the story. So far, however, the facts revealed by the Dallas Morning News have not been contested.

In fact, bits of the story were revealed in a Houston Chronicle article on September 2, 2013, but no one paid attention because the Chronicle story was not as detailed and Davis would not announce her run for the Governorship for another month. There was no campaign narrative yet developed, as there is now and as to which the Dallas Morning News article is devastating.

Among other things, the Chronicle story revealed that Davis’ ex-husband cashed in his 401k to pay for her law school, and also that a loan was taken out and that she left just after the final payment:

Their daughter, Dru, was born while Wendy was at TCU. After graduation, Wendy was accepted to Harvard Law School, and Jeff said he cashed in a 401(k) to help pay the cost…..

In November 2003 – the same month a Harvard loan was paid off – she left, Jeff said. “I made the last payment and laughed,” he said.

Wendy stressed that they used their family resources to make her education possible because they thought it was “beneficial for our family.”

“We took out a loan in that third year, and we paid it off as a family,” she said, adding that she made “a nice income” as a lawyer and helped build their title company. Jeff describes it as his company but said she got half when it was sold during the divorce.

Here’s the key thing.

The Wendy Davis campaign has been trying to keep Jeff Davis from speaking to the press for months.  According to the Houston Chronicle article (emphasis added):

“They’ve asked me not to talk to reporters,” Jeff said. He is anyway, because: “If she runs, the scrutiny on her will be extraordinary. She needs to deal with it in a constructive way. She needs to take control of the message. … My goal in all this, I think, is just try and protect the kids as much as I can.”

Now we know why.  Wendy Davis’ personal and campaign narratives don’t hold up to scrutiny.

Davis’ ex-husband saw it coming.  And so did the Davis campaign, which tried to keep him quiet.

Only the progressive movement and the big money donors didn’t have a clue as to what they were buying into.


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