The other day I tried to make the distinction between dislike of Chris Christie, and joining the media mob which eventually will turn on Republican candidates you like. I told you not to feed that beast.

To defend Chris Christie:

This is not about Chris Christie. It’s about any number of other Republican candidates who will be met with the same faux-outrage and media-led obsession a year from now as the 2016 field begins to define itself.

Don’t feed the beast.

It’s getting worse, as the feds are piling on. Within days of Bridgegate, Eric Holder and the U.S. Attorney’s Office were on the case.  Funny how quickly the feds move against a potential Republican contender.

Now the feds are piling on some more by leaking that they are investigating this ad paid for with Sandy relief funds.  That ad, Jim Geraghty points out, was Approved by Obama Administration:

Featuring a sitting Governor in tourism ads is completely routine. It gives a personal touch to the tourism campaign.

Here are other examples (via Louise Mensch):

And one featuring Obama (also via Louise Mensch)

I’m calling BS on this tourist ad investigation. And so should you, even if you don’t like Christie.


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