This is how they do it, do it.

Build up Chris Christie as the refreshingly moderate, blunt talking, cure-all for the “extremist” wing of the Republican Party.

Then tear him down, down, down.

From the NY Times on Christmas Eve, Stories Add Up as Bully Image Trails Christie:

It was the governor’s penchant for confrontation that first propelled him onto the national stage in 2010. As he pushed to cut public employee benefits, his staff celebrated video clips of him dressing down teachers at town hall-style meetings by posting them on YouTube. (“You want to come up here? Come up here,” the governor said to one teacher, a fellow Republican, who hesitated until the governor’s security state troopers gave him no choice. Wagging a finger, Mr. Christie lectured the man, then dismissed him from the hall.)

But his confrontations are not always that public.

Cue the laundry list of “victims” of the Bully Boy of Bayonne.

I just don’t know why they didn’t wait until after he got the nomination, or at least announced he is running. 

Just a bit too Ready for Hillary, I guess.


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