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Imagine Bill Clinton back in the White House with time on his hands

Imagine Bill Clinton back in the White House with time on his hands

To catch a predator takes a village.

I really enjoyed watching Meet The Press this morning.

It’s not that often that I watch live, usually restricting myself to watching clips.

I’m glad I watched. Rand Paul did a great job at many levels, particularly when Gregory brought up the Big Bubba in the room that no one wants to talk about as relates to Hillary Clinton’s presumptive nomination:  Bill Clinton will be part of a Billary presidency, and we know what that means.

(Featured Image: Bill Clinton testifying before Special Counsel)


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It means it ain’t gonna happen.

These prognosticators of future events lose sight of reality.

Take Chris Christie. He used to be part of this conversation. Until his true character got exposed.

No one wants to deal with hillary … but for a famous woman it doesn’t appear that she has any friends. So it’s hardly likely that she’d be a shoo in for the Oval Office.

What horses race, ahead? Probably no one whose particularly famous now. And, unlike 1992, where Ross Perot went on Larry King’s show … TV won’t be producing a candidate, either.

Maybe, we’ll get the faux indian lady? She overcame a really nasty campaign. How’d she do it? The people who voted for her didn’t pay attention to the indian feathers.

Rand Paul hit the nail on the head: Bill Clinton is a pariah on the backside of America. He’s been salacious, licentious, voyeuristic, lascivious, lecherous, and downright lewd. He’s the real war on women! Shame on Hillary for putting up with him. She and the deviant, Hollyweird Left are enablers. Bill Clinton a RAPIST and should be in jail!

Bill Clinton and spouse Hillary know a sucker is born every day.

Bill Clinton will be brought up in Hillary’s campaign so long as it helps her. When it works against her the Democrats will cry foul.

God help us all if the Clintons are re-elected.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | January 26, 2014 at 4:40 pm

Claire McCaskill seems to agree with Paul:

Paul could have also said Clinton raped a woman. And groped a grieving widow whose husband had just committed suicide. We always pull our punches in the GOP.

One of the best Tea Party signs is the one that reads “No Matter What My Sign Says, It Will Be Called Racist.” That’s the bottom line. No matter what a non-Democrat says, the MSM will attack, ignore, twist, or misquote it. That being the case, it’s way past time to start speaking the bare truth without any hemming and hawing. Paul is spot on bringing up the Clintons in regards to any imaginary war on women.

If the Clintons return to the White House, watch for the plump interns to make a comeback…

I wouldn’t write her off so smugly. Who will the GOP get to run against her? She’s run a tough campaign before; she’s ruthless, she’s experienced; she’s got the money to do this. Republicans had BETTER retake the Senate this year; that is crucial. 2016 will likely go to Hillary unless a health issue prevents it. Hate to say it, but I just don’t see a major GOP candidate strong enough to overcome the strength of her campaign apparatus.

Great posting; classic LI posting.