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Chris Christie: “what has occurred does not define us or our state”

Chris Christie: “what has occurred does not define us or our state”

Turning the corner on scandal? Or still stuck in traffic?

NJ Governor Chris Christie addressed the recent Bridgegate controversy on Tuesday afternoon in the very opening of his State of the State speech.

The last week has certainly tested this Administration. Mistakes were clearly made. And as a result, we let down the people we are entrusted to serve. I know our citizens deserve better. Much better.

I am the governor and I am ultimately responsible for all that happens on my watch – both good and bad.

Without a doubt we will cooperate with all appropriate inquiries to ensure that this breach of trust does not happen again.

But I also want to assure the people of New Jersey today that what has occurred does not define us or our state. This Administration and this Legislature will not allow the work that needs to be done to improve the people’s lives in New Jersey to be delayed for any reason.  I am the leader of this state and its people and I stand here today proud to be both.  But also, those of you who know me know I am always, always determined to do better.

From there, Christie moved on from the topic and turned to NJ policy issues.

It’s interesting to see the national attention on a State of the State address.  But since the controversy first erupted, there has been intense national media coverage of the story.

On Monday, a Pew Research poll indicated that there so far has not been as much national public interest in the controversy.


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To make sure the attention STAYS diverted from the constant stream of the Obama regime’s corruption and stupidityFor good measure, the Feds are investigating Christie’s use of funds after Hurricane Sandy.

“Christie delenda est” motivated the media, and of course the Democrats, on this.

Bridgegate might die down for now, but the bludgeoning of Chris Christie will almost certainly resume at a date and time yet to be determined. Odds are good that snarling traffic isn’t the only petty local politics Christie’s people have been involved in. All depends on how well he can take a hint.

“Mistakes were clearly made.” Ah! The ever helpful passive voice with the agent undeclared. Politicians always say this, don’t they. It’s a nice little dodge that sounds like they’re owning up when they’re not really doing that.

buckeyeminuteman | January 15, 2014 at 1:28 pm

If he had drove a woman off the bridge he’d be a Democratic hero! Chappaquiddick anyone?

It is true. New Jersey should not point to Chris Christie as representative of their state. They are much better off sticking with Snookie.

She has a lot more class.