At which Democrats should start freaking out.

The polling just keeps getting worse and worse.  A couple of months ago the generic congressional election polling was having Democrats and Establishment Republicans (yes, there is such a thing) ready to wrap the death of the Republican Party around the necks of Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

Good times, good times, for Democrats.

It was a false prognosis, because Cruz and Lee were trying to stop the disaster known as Obamacare. The legacy will be Democrats going to the mat to protect and preserve Obamacare. If Democrats owned Obamacare before, as a result of the efforts of Cruz, Lee and others, Democrats swallowed Obamacare whole in September.

Now everything has changed because Obamacare and Democrats are one and the same.

Via Hot Air, this chart which caused Charlie Cook to declare Holy Sh-t! (my paraphrase), should make Democrats want to regurgitate their Obamacare feast:

The Democratic numbers from the generic-ballot test dropped from 45 percent to 37 percent, and Republicans moved up to 40 percent. This 10-point net shift from a Democratic advantage of 7 points to a GOP edge of 3 points in just over a month is breathtaking, perhaps an unprecedented swing in such a short period. Occurring around Election Day, such a shift would probably amount to the difference between Democrats picking up at least 10 House seats, possibly even the 17 needed for a majority, and instead losing a half-dozen or so seats.

Congressional Generic Polling Data Chart 12-6-2013

While many Democrats are desperate for relief from Obamacare, those who are to tied to the law’s passage, like Mary Landrieu of Louisiana Purchase fame, are choosing to double down:

What will Democrats do if the Worst Case Scenario hits, and net-net fewer people are insured?

Things could turn around, but who would you rather be today, a Republican or Democratic member of Congress?


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