A little something for the “Global Warming” files!

Snow is blanketing Cairo for the first time in 112 years, according to reports. And while there were scenes of car accidents and people not looking too happy about the weather, a lot of people decided to have some fun and take a snow day.

More Egyptian snow structures. It’s our first ever snow in Cairo fyi =) pic.twitter.com/vlkYIeyFYs

The storm was part of a larger system that slammed the Middle East:

…The Jerusalem Post reports dozens of cars trapped on roads leading into the city and within its confines and that the Israeli Defense Forces have been called in to assist. It adds Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat said the city was facing “a battle against a rare storm, the likes of which we have never seen.”

“There are no words to describe the situation here,” said Jonathan Hoffman, a Jerusalem resident, posting on a weather hobbyist forum early this morning local time. “The heavy snow never stopped falling and is still coming down. The city: shut down, immobilized.”

Meteorologist Justin Consor, who lives in Israel, said the snow that fell Thursday in Jerusalem was the most in over 100 years in December.

News like this tends to confirm more recent, solar-based analysis that the Sun’s activity may impact our weather more than our cars do…and underscores a BBC report detailing concerns that we may be entering another “Little Ice Age.”

(This is Fake, but what a good fake it is!)

(This is Fake, but what a good fake it is!)


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