There is no turning back. Not one step. Instead, the White House and apparatus are going on offense pushing Obamacare forward, as CNN and other media are reporting:

Battered by two months of bad publicity over the Obamacare website, the White House is going on the offensive to tout what it sees as the good news about the President’s signature health care reforms.

President Barack Obama will launch a three-week campaign intended to highlight the benefits of the 2010 Affordable Care Act with a White House event at 2:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, a White House official told CNN.

Greg Sargent, a WaPo blogger with close ties to Democrats, further reports:

I’ve been telling you for some time now that Democrats believe they can go on offense on Obamacare, by casting the debate over the law as a choice between the GOP agenda, which would return us to the old system, and a flawed but fixable solution that is tangibly improving the lives of many Americans.

Now, in the wake of the fix to the federal website, Democrats are launching a campaign designed to do just that. Politico reports that the White House and Dems are rolling out a coordinated effort to draw attention to the law’s benefits, which will kick off with a speech by Obama today….

With this sort of White House squirming, Republicans likely are saying, “bring it on”:

Update: Obama gave a statement this afternoon confirming that he will spend the next three years fighting for the law, that it never will be repealed so long as he is president, and telling anecdotes about people helped by the law.


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