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Mitch McConnell reinterprets a Christmas classic, Obamacare style

Mitch McConnell reinterprets a Christmas classic, Obamacare style

This Christmas, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell offers his own spin on the “Night Before Christmas” classic.

Set to Nutcracker music, McConnell makes jabs in the reinvented tale at both President Obama and democrat opponent Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Check it out for yourself:

“Twas the night before Christmas, four years ago, liberals wanted Obamacare, but Kentucky said ‘no.’
‘If you like your plan you can keep it,’ they said with a twinkle in their eye.
Newspapers now say, ‘that was the year’s biggest lie.’
Higher taxes, more spending, sky high record debt,
Obama’s war on coal; had enough yet?
So Obama wondered, ‘Who’s my Kentucky candidate for these times?’
And guess who it goes to?
Alison Lundergan Grimes.
The differences are stark, and your choice will be clear.
But you’ll make your decision in November next year.

I’m Mitch McConnell and this approved message is mine;
thanks to the Mitch McConnell Senate Committee ’14, who paid for this time.
So merry Christmas, and happy holidays to Kentuckians all-
especially Alison Lundergan Grimes, I’ll see you next fall!”


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Useless and too late. When Ted Cruz was trying to block implementation, McConnell stuck knives in his back. Here’s a lump of coal, Mitch: I hope they successfully primary you.

NC Mountain Girl | December 25, 2013 at 12:28 pm

Lighten up people. This is funny.

I’m disgusted as all get out with McConnell, Boehner, McCain, Graham, Rubio, Christie and the rest of the colluding pork-dealing, thieving, spending, game-playing con artists in the District of Corruption.

Our country is being run/ruined by two competing crime families in a symbiotic relationship, who are all at enmity with the truth, reason, logic, sanity and the good of the hard-working, tax-paying people of this nation.

We are being used and abused by the likes of McConnell.

Kick his ass out of office asap.

Mitch McConnell is the enemy.

good, HOWEVER McConnell voted 4 ObamaCare numerous times when it counted.

DEFEAT RINO McConnell in Primary then ObamaCare will sink ANY Democrat

It’s hard to get it up for McConnell. This is about as passionate as he’ll ever get.

It’s not nearly enough.