Havard’s Institute of Politics just released a devastating study showing a massive drop in support among Millennials for Obama and Obamacare.

Bottom line is that Millennials don’t like Republicans, but for the first time they don’t like Obama and Democrats almost as much.

Here is the key finding in the Executive Summary (at pp. 5-6):

Additionally, we found that a majority (52%) of 18- to 29- year olds would choose to recall all members of Congress if it were possible, 45 percent would recall their member of Congress (45% would not) and approximately the same number indicate that they would recall President Obama (47% recall, 46% not recall).

Harvard Survey Fall 2013 Millenial Support Recalls

The trends lines are horrible for Democrats particularly among college age students, where the gap between Republicans and Democrats has narrowed significantly:

Harvard Survey Fall 2013 Millenial Party Identifications

Support for Obama has cratered to the point that Millennial support tracks the general population:

Harvard Survey Fall 2013 Millenial Obama Approval

In what could be a harbinger of doom for the economics of Obamacare, the group the administration most needs to sign up actually hates the law, whether its called Obamacare or the ACA:

Harvard Survey Fall 2013 Millenial Obamacare

This video from Harvard IOP discusses the general findings:
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