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Deadlines? Obamacare don’t need no stinkin’ deadlines

Deadlines? Obamacare don’t need no stinkin’ deadlines

Deadlines not needed. Private insurance not needed. Medicaid needed.

Just get ‘er done.



HHS offers help for people who miss Obamacare deadline

People who can’t finish the online signup for Obamacare health insurance by midnight Tuesday because of problems with and a surge of last-minute shoppers can seek extra time to finalize their application and still get covered by Jan. 1, the Obama administration said Tuesday afternoon.

It’s the latest in a series of extensions granted by the administration, which is making a final push to enroll people in coverage taking effect next week. Amid heightened interest, officials have repeatedly delayed deadlines and announced extra accommodations to maximize enrollment, but the moves also risk increased confusion among consumers. They also expose the administration to further criticism from Obamacare opponents, who say all the last minute changes are indications of the law’s failure.

Even the good news is not good news. Consider that California has an estimated 7 million uninsured and over 1 million who lost their plans, California health exchange tops 400,000 enrolled prior to deadline :

California’s health insurance exchange said more than 400,000 people have signed up for health plans ahead of Monday’s enrollment deadline as part of the Affordable Care Act.

The Covered California exchange said the latest figures are based on preliminary data through Sunday, when about 27,000 people picked an insurance company. Enrollment Friday was even higher, at 29,000 people, according to the exchange.

“We very much expect today will be a big day,” Peter Lee, executive director of Covered California, said Monday. “We are seeing huge interest online.”

The state’s latest official figures were 156,000 enrolled in health plans through Dec. 7, and an additional 179,000 people who had qualified for an expansion of Medi-Cal, the state’s Medicaid program.

State officials declined to give an updated enrollment figure for Medi-Cal.

Deadlines not needed. Private insurance not needed. Medicaid needed.


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Not A Member of Any Organized Political | December 24, 2013 at 4:40 pm

Extended! = Burnt!

It’s Toast. Its Death Spiral is Completing.


“Obamacare Support at Record Low 35%; Obamacare Named “Lie of the Year”; Bait and Switch; Obamacare Roundup; Meltdown Coming?

It’s been a while since I commented on Obamacare. Given news comes out every day, nearly all of it negative, I have shown restraint. Tonight, here’s a recap of what you may have missed.

Obamacare Support at Record Low 35%

Today, December 23, a CNN poll finds Obamacare support at all-time low.

Poll Details

•35% support the healthcare law, a 5 percentage point drop in less than a month
•62% oppose the law, up 4 percentage points from November.
•60% of women oppose Obamacare, up 6 percentage points from November
•43% oppose Obamacare because it is too liberal
•15% Oppose Obamacare because it isn’t liberal enough
•63% believe the new law will increase what they will have to pay for medical care
•42% believe they will be worse off under Obamacare personally.


“We have to pass this law before we can begin to break it…!”

Conservatives have been telling people for years what would happen. We were hated, excoriated, and mocked.

Now. Let. It. Burn.

If you like your deadlines, you can keep your deadlines.

O’bammycare, the trainwreck that just keeps on bumbling along and bumbling along and…

I could not have done a worse job myself..

    healthguyfsu in reply to GrumpyOne. | December 25, 2013 at 9:36 pm

    Yep. Remember how not smart we were? I won’t be holding my breath for that apology, much less a humble admittance that common sense was abandoned along this Monty Python-style quest.

Lordy, Obam-Bam, what’s the world coming to when something of The Boy King’s is semi-criticized by the skin-cringing Dianne Sawyer?? Ain’t nuthin’ sacred Yer Infantile Majesty?

It appears that the Obamacarats didn’t do any focus groups ot townhall meetings to decide how health care could be handled in the future.

Instead they figured Acorn would handle their elections and that wanting health care was a no-brainer just like electing them.

Doug Wright Old Grouchy | December 24, 2013 at 9:07 pm

No longer certain why Pelosi even said that the ACA law had to be passed to know what was in it! It sure seems that Obamacare provides whatever Obama wants it to be, that the law is what he says it is, kind of like what Mao, Stalin, Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, Evo Morales, or other dictators have done.

Obama is now just another tinpot dictator wannabe, wanting us all to fall in and obey his every wish, while perhaps trying to figure out how he can void the 2014 mid-term elections or make them irrelevant!

People should stop focusing on the website. The government’ll spend another $2 billion through crony capitalism and, eventually, get the programming working well enough. The legislation itself is still what’s wrong.

It’s the equivalent of putting 30 gallons in the bus for a 100 gallon trip. And, no, you can’t take your own car. And you can’t stay here, and you can’t walk, and we’re going to pass the hat whenever there’s a tollbooth.

Oh,yeah. The buses’ springs are shot, and the AC’s busted.

You can’t fix stupid. Fortunately, you can vote it out.

btw, Is Chris Matthews a racist?

or maybe msnbc finally knows why it has the poorest ratings ever. *l*

Over half of the enrollees are through Medicaid…can anyone say “tax payer funded”. That’s not healthcare, that’s redistribution?…Just another word for single payer.

We have handed the keys to the White House to a complete incompetent…twice. Maybe we deserve this.

Rename the program for what it really was meant to be. Obamacaid, a forerunner of the soon to be revised Medicare program. For how can a person transition to Medicare via Social Security if they never qualify via credits of unemployment and mandatory contributions? A program to be paid for by income redistribution of costs. Basically, another sugar daddy entitlement program.

Had the government not wasted the billions of dollars on Obamacare over the previous three years but had granted employment incentives to the small, middle class employer where most of Americans’ work, and invested back to them as employment payroll tax credits to hire an unemployed or unemployable to teach job skills and/or retrain and get them back to tax payer status, the problem of unemployed and uninsured could be 4 years down the road to be resolved by also giving employers tax credit adjustments for their providing employment based health insurance. What we got was deemed better by the progressive agenda to keep this class indentured and off the tax rolls.

The unemployed pay zero taxes and consume enough tax dollars via government, state and federal, to put all but the homeless over the poverty thresh hold if all benefit dollars were to be actualized. To sell the health program it was promoted as every thing but. It was a woman’s issue with contraception; It was to be more affordable to the middle class who already owned and managed their health care. In the end, it is just another glorified welfare state program to be passed on to the over taxed middle class worker. The biggest lie of all. At what point do more of the low side of middle class workers tire of picking up the tab and join the system that is being re-created by the progressive left?