So who wants to sponsor an Octopus college scholarship?

And you thought I was joking when I said “Everyone Gets A Trophy“:

It’s about time people started pushing back against the anti-white male hostile environment on campuses.  Make them live by their own rules:

The Duke Lacrosse Team could not be reached for comment:

In the future, Israelis should stay away from Islamic universities to be safe:

I consider this ban to be offensive speech, can I ban it?

Obviously did not watch the actual trial:

Most upset? The janitors:

Possible cause:

Oh, shut up:


Do they still sing White Christmas?

Indiana Black Santa display

Water is wet!

Was that wrong? If only someone had told him that was frowned upon:

No one could have seen this coming:

Well, of course, because Islamic universities around the world are adding Christian prayer rooms:

They never stop, do they?

And they said it never could happen here:

Headline of the week:

Tough call:

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