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“All Animals Are Created Equal” Week at College Insurrection

“All Animals Are Created Equal” Week at College Insurrection

So who wants to sponsor an Octopus college scholarship?

And you thought I was joking when I said “Everyone Gets A Trophy“:

It’s about time people started pushing back against the anti-white male hostile environment on campuses.  Make them live by their own rules:

The Duke Lacrosse Team could not be reached for comment:

In the future, Israelis should stay away from Islamic universities to be safe:

I consider this ban to be offensive speech, can I ban it?

Obviously did not watch the actual trial:

Most upset? The janitors:

Possible cause:

Oh, shut up:


Do they still sing White Christmas?

Indiana Black Santa display

Water is wet!

Was that wrong? If only someone had told him that was frowned upon:

No one could have seen this coming:

Well, of course, because Islamic universities around the world are adding Christian prayer rooms:

They never stop, do they?

And they said it never could happen here:

Headline of the week:

Tough call:


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This is a depressing menu of articles from which to choose. I went with Have You Heard of the National College Advising Corps? and am paying the price with some mild indigestion.
Why do we tolerate our governments telling our kids what life paths to take?
The government benefits from increased college attendance by: reducing the unemployment rate; reducing the number of disaffected youth who can be troublemakers; and increasing the pool of young people in debt to the government, whose vote can be bought by debt forgiveness, or a government-selected career choice that will lead to debt forgiveness.
While I suppose it is theoretically possible to eliminate programs like these, they are so numerous and widespread that it would take a significant cultural change and who knows how many decades to accomplish that.

The first time I heard about the iPad giveaway, I just shook my head.

There is a big story out there waiting to be told for an intrepid journalist.

One of the many different assignments I have at work is to audit crime reports.

Every time I see LAUSD as the victim on the report, I think, “Here we go again!”

Turn to the next page to see a long list of expensive computers, laptops, projectors, digital cameras, etc., stolen yet again from an LAUSD school.

The burglars always know exactly where to go to get the treasure … they don’t randomly break into rooms looking for it.

I wish I had a nickel for every one of these reports I’ve read.

Extrapolate it out and how many millions of dollars do taxpayers spend each year replacing stolen electronics from our schools in this country?

Somebody needs to tell the taxpayer this story.

OMG..!!! The picture of that eagle on this post makes me wonder why The Boy King didn’t approve of their wipe-outs on his wind-vapor-blather-useless farms before now!! UGLY Sucker!!

It’s funny that people will complain about unpaid internships at a business, but will readily dole out or leverage $20 thousand or more for training hosted by a school. Perhaps they never considered the juxtaposition. Thanks government, unions, and associated interests.

Human-animal equivalence is dogma offered by a replacement theology. It is the rationale for murder from conception to death, and degrading a human life to a commodity status. As long as women and men are promised money, sex, and ego gratification, they will probably not notice the regression forced by a select minority. Survival of the fittest. Perhaps they are merely a clump of cells to be manipulated and molded to serve their superiors.

I’ll simply shorten the title to ‘All Animals are Created,’ and let these minions enamored with specie-ism gnash teeth and wail at my assertion.