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“Everyone Gets A Trophy” Week at College Insurrection

“Everyone Gets A Trophy” Week at College Insurrection

In a campus culture devoted to giving everyone a trophy:

Except for white males, whose Trophy Privilege has gone on long enough:

And incorrectness depends on the target:

There is no trophy as coveted as the Victim Trophy:

Is it surprising that the Trophy Bubble is bursting at multiple levels?

And all sense of sanity has been lost:

Baby Jesus Butt Plug Cover

With only a few rare exceptions:

And it gets harder and harder to recruit people to the insane asylum:

It starts young:

And the federal gubmint makes it worse:

It ends with a campus culture of intolerance:

Where only some revolutionaries are revered:

Maybe the problem is the answer:


(Featured image source: Legal Insurrection receives CPAC award)


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“Everyone Gets a Trophy” Week at CI.

The “That is Baaaaad!!” means “That’s Good!!!” Trophy for flipping the meaning of words goes to “The Baby Jesus Butt Plug” for turning “Shocking!!!” into “Zzzzzzz.”

PersonFromPorlock | November 30, 2013 at 12:30 pm

Re: “California State Literature Class to Read a Book Called ‘The Baby Jesus Butt Plug’”

Noting that it’s subtitled “A Fairy Tale,” we await denunciations of “homophobia!”

The real question, PersonFromPorlock, is what do we do about “heterophobia” today?

[…] And you thought I was joking when I said “Everyone Gets A Trophy“: […]