In June of 2009, when what became Obamacare was in its earliest discussion stages, we noted that Deception and Tyranny Were The Key To Health Care Reform.

We are seeing how that is being exposed through the knowingly false sales pitch that you could keep your plan and doctor.  It was just a sales pitch, as was so much of the rush to pass a bill without knowing what was in it.

As sales effort befitting a carnival barker selling snake oil.

This is a very good video tracing some of the deceptions, via Patterico (h/t readers Ragspierre and Janitor).

It was uploaded on September 18, 2013, before the rollout debacle.

See our prior post,Alphabet Soup of Health Care Delusions for more information on how AARP, the AMA, and Consumers Union sold out the public and provided valuable cover for this disastrous legislation.

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