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Somewhere snake oil salesmen are blushing

Somewhere snake oil salesmen are blushing

In June of 2009, when what became Obamacare was in its earliest discussion stages, we noted that Deception and Tyranny Were The Key To Health Care Reform.

We are seeing how that is being exposed through the knowingly false sales pitch that you could keep your plan and doctor.  It was just a sales pitch, as was so much of the rush to pass a bill without knowing what was in it.

As sales effort befitting a carnival barker selling snake oil.

This is a very good video tracing some of the deceptions, via Patterico (h/t readers Ragspierre and Janitor).

It was uploaded on September 18, 2013, before the rollout debacle.

See our prior post,Alphabet Soup of Health Care Delusions for more information on how AARP, the AMA, and Consumers Union sold out the public and provided valuable cover for this disastrous legislation.

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The takeover of healthcare and the associated nationalization of education are related. OECD is pushing not just a social welfare state on all its members but the toxic idea that citizen subjective well-being and “happiness” are the responsibility of governments. The concept has numerous names but the one from the 60s that best describes this is called the Service State.

The website is a good example of what happens when we rely on governments for service but it really is just the beginning of what is intended in an unabashedly planned society. Yesterday I explained how the Open Data Initiative that commenced on Obama’s first day in office by Executive Order intends to use our proprietary personal data to coerce desired future behavior. Healthcare and education are just 2 of the seven listed domains.

Also hospitals are considered to be anchor institutions that metro areas should be using to plan economies and employment around. The term I am using for this vision is public sector centric economy and society. This Administration is bragging about 11 different federal agencies working together now to create “womb to tomb” Promise Zones where Governments, civil society, and Big Business collaborate to meet citizen needs.

And the expectation going forward this is the way world should be restructured.

That video makes me sick to my stomach.

I have read that thousands more people signing up for Medicare.

At dinner yesterday I mentioned to someone that I read this last week: Financial pressures from the U.S. government are pushing UnitedHealth Group to drop thousands of doctors, the firm’s president said.

“That’s what’s driving our actions. It’s no secret that we are under substantial funding pressure from the federal government,”

He said “Yeah, and besides cutting funding they are paying doctors not to do things.” A patient has to have a medical need in order for a doctor to get paid for not taking care of it.

They are overwhelming medicare with new patients, cutting funding, and paying doctors to let people suffer and die.

Remember we old people know what our rights are, know what the constitution says, know what happened in WWII and what communism really is, and most of all won’t sell our souls for an Obama phone.

Betty-here is the language on healthcare from the Open Data report I wrote about on what is intended. It is not in my post but fits with your point.

“payment systems would also need to be adapted since conventional means of controlling costs, such as negotiating prices of per-procedure fees, are not geared to take advantage of the insights open data provides.”

Truly healthcare ceases to be about fixing illnesses and becomes more about how we ought to live. There is a huge strain of the Marxist infection permeated these theories of the future that believes that ill health is due to environmental factors. Get rid of poverty and physical illness and mental illness will largely go away. It may seem absurd to us but it is still a widely held belief pushed hard in schools of education, public health, and public policy in particular.

We have, because we have no viable choices, signed up for Medicare, and we have refused to deal with United Healthcare for supplements because of their long-term association with the AARP and their open and heavy support for the ACA. I do not find the moaning of the large insurance companies now very compelling. As Jonah Goldberg pointed out in his brilliant “schadenfreude” essay, the large insurance companies are just like prostitutes who find they don’t like what the customers are now asking them to do. They went there willingly.

We also cancelled our Consumers Reports subscription years ago when they kept writing “reports” extolling single-payer.

I just have to note that I’m getting sick of supposedly smart people on the right making stupid comparisons to Obama lies involving…well, pretty much any previous president.

Pres. ScamWOW’s lies are unprecedented. They are NOTHING like GHW Bush’s violation of his “no new taxes” pledge.

GW Bush did NOT “lie” about WMD in Iraq.

Clinton lied pathologically, but not industrially, as has Obama. Obama and his Obami have fairly perfected the science of Collectivist propaganda models left for them by the Germans and Soviets, Chinese, Imperial Japanese, and the Wilson Progressives.

Nixon lied in his own defense, not as part of a plan to take American rights and sell a mess of pottage.

Johnson was another serial liar, but, again, on a different scale altogether from Obama here.

There never was an “ObamaCare” in American history that I can find.

The AARP’s role in pushing Obamacare was particularly despicable.

AARP holds itself out as an advocacy group for the interests of senior citizens. In fact, AARP is primarily an advocacy group for the financial and other interests of AARP executives.

AARP has a wholly-owned financial services subsidiary that sells the AARP endorsement for a variety of products and services, one of the most lucrative of which is the so-called Medigap insurance policy. These are policies that sell coverage to seniors for the health services that Medicare does not cover. Every time an insurance company sells a Medigap policy with an AARP endorsement, AARP gets 5% of the purchase price. Before Obamacare, AARP was making nearly $500 million a year on Medigap policies; after Obamacare, AARP is projected to be making billions a year on Medigap policies. This is because Obamacare cuts $716 billion in Medicare spending to fund Obamacare — and those Medicare cuts mean more seniors will need to buy Medigap policies to make up the difference.

AARP knew that Obamacare would harm seniors. AARP didn’t give a damn, because AARP knew that AARP will make a lot more money off seniors if Obamacare passed. BTW, in addition to the Medigap policies, Obamacare offered other juicy benefits to AARP, including provisions like exempting AARP executives from the $500,000 yearly salary cap that Obamacare imposes on other health insurance executives. AARP executives make millions of dollars a year screwing over old people, and Obamacare allows that to continue, unabated.

If you want to know more about the fraud that is the AARP, you can read about it here:

    tarheelkate in reply to Observer. | November 18, 2013 at 9:28 am

    I agree with everything you say. And since I refuse to pay a dime to AARP directly or indirectly, I have discovered that the discounts they advertise are available with a AAA card.

A cheery thought — just think of the three more years of destruction possible from a president with nothing more to lose.

9thDistrictNeighbor | November 18, 2013 at 9:08 am

Just keep that photo of the doctor-props front and center. Refer to it often. Share it. Frame it. Bumper-sticker it.

I’ve had the experience of a president explaining to me that he is not a crook, and of another explaining to me he’s not an adulterer, but Obama is the first president to find it necessary to explain to me that he is not stupid. Of course, the crook and adulterer were, in fact, a crook and an adulterer, so I’m thinking Obama is stupid.

Eventually, even Obama is forced to set aside the putter, and stop watching the video. It is uncomfortable for a god to have their mortality exposed to strict scrutiny. It must be doubly uncomfortable for people who offered sacrifices hoping for an immediate or instant return.