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If Obamacare was an airline, this is how your boarding pass would look

If Obamacare was an airline, this is how your boarding pass would look

every single day.

The multi-hundred million dollar Obamacare computer system failures have reduced people to submitting paper applications in many cases. Imagine if HHS ran the airlines?

Instead, this is a good news story from reader Bronwyn about how Virgin Australia struggled to deal with the turmoil caused by the shooting at LAX on Friday, November 1:

Just a positive, amidst a tough day.

The staff at Virgin Australia have been working so very hard at lax. Our flight was set to leave from terminal 3 from lax to Sydney tonight. We are late and in another airlines terminal. Nothing has worked for them.

They had to hand write all our boarding passes!

How amazing are they?! All we smiles!!

Bronwyn sent a follow-up email Saturday night (Eastern):

We arrived in Sydney, very thankful! When we took off the whole plane cheered!


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Just imagine the scenario: Folks from OZ, with the person in charge at HHS from KANSAS.

great unknown | November 3, 2013 at 4:50 pm

One major difference: the flight took off. Competence trumps adversity.

Whereas in Obamacare, incompetence and adversity are playing the same hand.

The sick-of-high-tech crowd is smiling. 🙂

No. You wouldn’t be able to check in to get a boarding pass in the first place because the ticket counters would be run by horse flies.