We have written many times before about Obama’s obsession with wind power, despite the huge massacre of migratory bird populations, questionable technology, and doubtful economics.

Via Tim Blair (h/t Iowahawk) come this poinent video of a German windmill falling down, and a description of the techincally unrelated but still poignent plight of the Golden Eagle:

Meanwhile, in the US:

More than four decades ago the golden eagle was awarded the same protections under US law as the country’s national bird, the bald eagle. Even disturbing their nests is a criminal offence.

The raptor is not considered to be under threat but scientists are worried about a recent increase in the number of golden eagles killed by wind turbines. Eagles in flight tend to focus on the ground below as they look for prey, unaware of the fast-spinning blades in their paths until it’s too late.

The title of Tim’s post was “This is Beautiful.” Indeed.


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