Compensation means how much you get paid, right? Or payment for a loss? Or any of the other common usages, right?

Reader Bronwyn was not happy when she learned that in Common Core mathematics, compensation means encouraging students to guess the wrong but easier answer, then teaching them how to compensate for the wrong answer to get to the right result:

My 4th grade daughter attends a Christian school here in Orange Co., Ca.

I do not like their choice in a common core math book at all, but I have been particularly amused by the use of the term “compensation.”

The teachers actually had to send home an email because none of the parents had any idea what the term meant. I attached a copy of the definition in the book because it just seems so fitting during this Obama Administration.

“compensation: you choose numbers close to the numbers in the problem to make the computation easier and then adjust the answer for the numbers chosen.”

All this under the lesson- Using mental math to multiply. This must be Obama’s math!

Here we parents thought it was how we got paid?

Here’s the question posed to the students to which the featured image was the answer:

Common Core Using Mental Math to multiply

In related news, will meet deadline for fixes, White House officials say:

Administration officials are preparing to announce Sunday that they have met their Saturday deadline for improving, according to government officials, in part by expanding the site’s capacity so that it can handle 50,000 users at once. But they have yet to meet all their internal goals for repairing the federal health-care site, and it will not become clear how many consumers it can accommodate until more people try to use it….

Nov. 30 was not originally intended to be a key date for the online enrollment system, but it took on outsize political and public importance when administration officials announced five weeks ago that the “vast majority of users” would be able to sign up for insurance through the site by that day. A combination of federal employees, outside contractors and a handful of technical and management experts have worked at breakneck speed for five weeks to improve the Web site’s performance as the White House has come under withering criticism from its political opponents and some consumers.

Update: H/t to commenter genes for this video — what possibly could go wrong with “compensation” mathematics?


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