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California rejects Obamacare canceled policy “fix”

California rejects Obamacare canceled policy “fix”

California, with over 1 million canceled health policies due to Obamacare, has formally rejected Obama’s so-called fix.

Via The L.A. Times:

Spurning President Obama’s plan for canceled policies, California’s health insurance exchange voted against any extension for about 1 million policyholders in the state.

The five-member board of the exchange voted unanimously to keep its current requirement that insurers terminate most individual policies Dec. 31 because they don’t meet all the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

The decision ends a weeklong drama over what would happen for policyholders who will lose their existing coverage at year-end and face finding replacement insurance that may cost them substantially more in many instances.

Covered California, the state exchange, considered allowing renewals into 2014 as Obama proposed or a short-term extension through March to give people more time to shop.

But state leaders ultimately rejected those options. They expressed concerns about further confusing consumers and worried that widespread renewals could keep too many healthy customers out of the broader risk pool that will shape future rates.

At the same time, the California Health Exchange released figures purporting to show great progress is signing up new enrollees, close to 3000 a day, but the numbers are dwarfed by the scope of policy cancellations.

Via The Wall Street Journal:

While the federal health-insurance exchange continues to be bogged down by problems, California’s state health exchange is gaining momentum, according to new figures released by the state Thursday.

As of Nov. 19, nearly 80,000 Californians had selected a private health plan, as enrollments more than doubled since the beginning of the month. Enrollment rates rose to about 2,700 per day in the second week of November from 700 per day in the initial week after the Covered California exchange opened Oct. 1, the state said….

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How many enrolling in California are private pay versus new Medi-Cal recipients? Info at this webpage seems to indicate that there will be far more people (and insurance companies) getting funneled taxpayer dollars than not, and close to 800,000 still doing the ER thing.

A five-member board of the exchange voted unanimously to cancel the policies of 1 million Californians in November 21, 2013.

Thank you, Democrats.

Because those 1 million Californians will vote unanimously to kick your ass in November 5, 2014.

    amatuerwrangler in reply to Aucturian. | November 21, 2013 at 10:38 pm

    Excuse me, but you appear to be exhibiting a certain lack of awareness about the typical California Democrat voter…

    As the saying goes, “You ain’t from around her, are ya?”

    If only you were correct.

      You tell me.

      Is the California Democrat voter capable of rendering the same verdict as the California Republican voter when they are called to vote as jury members in a criminal case?

      Are they capable of weighing the evidence regardless of the plaintiff’s or defendant’s party affiliation?

      Or are there higher incidences of unjust verdicts in California because being a Democrat means you can get away with just about anything? Is this a standard they apply to politics?

      In which case the California Democrat vote

Sadly, amatuerwrangle is correct. This will all be the fault of Bush, the Koch Brothers, the Tea Party, white racism, greedy evil insurance companies, etc.

You can’t fix stupid. These people will perform mental pretzeling that would shame a contortionist, simply to avoid facing the truth about their ideology.

Do people go to Vegas?

One of the things this expensive “You’re Cancelled” is bringing to the marketplace is to terrify people against buying “lots of stuff” at Christmas.

Christmas is a “make it or lose” retail business reality.

And, “just around the corner” sits “INFLATION.”

People didn’t opt for inflation following the real estate meltdown.

What “IF” people deicde the health care they are offered is MUCH TO EXPENSIVE TO AFFORD?

The poor don’t care. They’re the recipients of Medicaid. Ahead, in 2014, this program grows and grows.

In Las Vegas, the big hotels just signed a Labor contract that gives all it’s participants a 35-cents and hour raise. That’s not going into anyone’s pockets. But is going to buy about 55,000 hotel/restaurant/cleaning staffs … the money to afford their health care costs. Then? It goes up a nickel or so in each of the following 5 years.

At some point … as the rates rise … people drop off from participating.

You can’t really force doctors to treat people with pre-existing conditions …

The other unknown is what will doctors be reimbursed? I’ve seen Medicare reducing an office visit to a reimbursement of a nickel.

And, after you factor in the economy … you’ve got to factor in the voting populations … where the democrats just assumed they owned the “yoot” vote. (Among others.)

Are the congress critters nervous yet?

3000 a day? So, at that rate it will take about 333 days to for a million people to sign up. I can’t pull up my Windows calendar, is that before or after the Dec. 15, 2013 deadline?

The California board made a sound decision.

Even Obama isn’t dumb enough to believe that delaying the mandate and extending the Grandfather Clause for nonconforming policies is a viable option. Both guarantee exploding costs – you think they’ve already exploded? Just wait! – and huge deficits that will accrue to the federal government.

And they would speed up the “death spiral” as even higher premiums will be required for the healthy young people, meaning fewer will want the overpriced coverage.

There is NO “fix” that can save this turkey of a law, put together by idiot academics and congressional aides who know nothing about health insurance or care at all.

    rantbot in reply to Estragon. | November 22, 2013 at 6:29 pm

    Yes, entirely correct. California doesn’t want to be among the fall guys for Obama’s attempts to blame everyone but himself for the inevitable catastrophe. There’s nothing anyone in CA can do to repair the damage, and, somewhat surprisingly, this time they aren’t prepared to pretend otherwise.

Anyone who thinks Californians will emerge from their haze and embrace reality is themselves in need of a reality check.

BannedbytheGuardian | November 22, 2013 at 2:52 am

HindenburgCare . The ticket office is closed .

They just voted to give illegals drivers licenses and everyone who gets a license will be provided with voter req forms.

So, Barry lied. And lied again.

We would open the barn door to litigation if we allow these older plans without passing legislation. What happens if a person gets one of these plans and later files a claim for something not covered but mandated by the ACA?