Alec Baldwin’s “Up Late” show on MSNBC has been canceled, following the actor’s latest series of antics.

The NY Post first reported the news, which has since been confirmed by other media outlets.

From the NY Times:

The actor Alec Baldwin’s short-lived show on MSNBC has been terminated, less than two weeks after he was suspended for making a gay slur in a confrontation with a photographer seeking to get pictures of him with his wife and baby.

When it suspended Mr. Baldwin on Nov. 15, MSNBC said it would not telecast his new interview show, “Up Late,” for two weeks. Since then, the network had been in discussions with Mr. Baldwin and his representatives, said a person familiar with the negotiations, but the sides could not agree on a resolution.

“This is a mutual parting and we wish Alec all the best,” MSNBC said in a statement.

Mr. Baldwin and the cable network had “creative tension,” the person familiar with the negotiations said. “Not everything was perfect before this happened,” the person said.

Baldwin hinted over a week ago that his show might not return after the network temporarily suspended it.

This of course follows the actor’s latest antics, which included multiple run-ins with media personnel.  Among those was a confrontation with a photographer, which triggered Baldwin to launch the aforementioned slur. That was followed by two other incidents, one of which included an absurd accusation from Baldwin that a NY FOX 5 reporter “assaulted” his wife (video depicted that incident in a much different light).

None of this is surprising given Baldwin’s history of tirades.  More surprising was that MSNBC gave Baldwin a show to begin with.  Then again, it is the network that is home to personalities like Martin Bashir.

UPDATE 11/26/2013 7:30pm ET:

The Hollywood Reporter published this post: Alec Baldwin Calls Out ‘Fundamentalist’ Gay Advocates, TMZ, Martin Bashir After MSNBC Exit, citing some of Baldwin’s comments to Gothamist.


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