Martin Bashir said he hoped someone would shit and piss in Sarah Palin’s mouth.


The absurd logic was that because Palin compared the national debt to slavery, she deserved to be given a horrific slave torture.

Many people, including the folks at Twitchy, debunked the notion that comparing indebtedness to slavery was unusual. Slave references, much like the overused Nazi comparisons, are all too common, including by Bashir.

Should we wish that everyone who uses a strained Nazi analogy should have their skin peeled off them and turned into lamp shades?

Even in the low world of MSNBC, this was low. MSNBC didn’t seem to mind much, though.

What a cesspool MSNBC has become. Really MSNBC executives, what is wrong with you? Have you lost your minds? Are you so corrupted by your ideology?

Lean forward? How about rehab for your business strategy instead.

But the firestorm of controversy has forced Bashir into an apology.

Howard Kurtz has a good assessment of the situation:

When I first saw a headline about what Martin Bashir said, I figured it must be exaggerated.

No responsible cable news host would call for defecating on a public figure. That’s just beyond the pale, right?

But that’s exactly what Bashir did on his MSNBC show, while spewing venom at Sarah Palin.

I’ve long been amazed by Bashir’s brand of name-calling. He despises Republicans, we get it. But the highly personal nature of his assaults, while delivered in an erudite British accent, stands out even by the loose standards of cable news….

And no one at MSNBC bats an eye? This is deemed acceptable discourse?

What would MSNBC say if a conservative had talked about defecating on, say, Hillary Clinton?

Bashir said it because it didn’t seem that out of the ordinary at MSNBC. Therein lies the blame, a foul cesspool culture at MSNBC which normally allows people like Bashir to float.


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