Republicans repeatedly have made proposals to protect the public from the Obamacare disaster.

Not just the substance of the law, but also the timing of the individual mandate.

Way back when (i.e, about two weeks ago), Democrats called such proposals extortion, terrorism, suicide-bombing and legislative arson.

Now an increasing number of Democrats, particularly those up for re-election in 2014, are calling for similar delays.

Perhaps Republicans should take a “what goes around, comes around” attitude, and do nothing to help Democrats out of the bind they are now in.

Democrats own Obamacare’s failure completely. That’s the primary outcome of the government scale-back, which now is over. Democrats were willing to shut a portion of the government to prevent any meaningful changes, and were willing to (erroneously) threaten a debt default rather than agree to the types of changes many Democrats now are proposing.

So we should now help Democrats out of the debacle? We should now, having been demonized, help the Democrats who demonized us?

Erick Erickson says screw them (my characterization), Follow the Law:

No conservative wants things to get worse. We just know things will get worse. Obamacare will be deeply destructive. People are already seeing it. The only way Obamacare would ever work is if people behaved irrationally. It is a system that requires the young to go out and by their own insurance, but allows them to stay on their parents’ insurance until they are well into their twenties. The law operates only if people do not behave like people.

Republicans should be opposed to any and all fixes of Obamacare. The GOP should not lift even half a finger to accommodate Democrat demands for changes. The Democrats planned and implemented Obamacare without a single Republican vote. They made clear they did not need the votes. They used a budgetary procedure in the Senate to get around a filibuster after the people of Massachusetts sent a Republican in Ted Kennedy’s steed to try to stop it.

So the Democrats can own it. They can own every deleted application, every delayed entry into the website, every denial of insurance, every decline in full time work, and every denial of care that comes from this horrible law.

The Democrats can own it all.

Republicans who have said forever that the law will crumble on its own (looking at you, Paul Ryan), need to step back and let it collapse.

Of course, we’re way too nice. Of course, we’ll accept reasonable proposals to prevent Obamacare from burning down the house, because we’re just that way.

We’re not the legislative arsonists, we’re the legislative firemen.

But maybe this should be the theme song for how Republicans react when Democrats come begging to join us in fixing Obamacare:


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