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Sen. Durbin: “Ultimately, Secretary Sebelius will testify” on ObamaCare website issues

Sen. Durbin: “Ultimately, Secretary Sebelius will testify” on ObamaCare website issues

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin told FOX News Sunday that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will “ultimately” testify before Congress to address Obamacare website rollout issues.

From FOX News:

A top Democratic senator said Sunday that Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius will testify before Congress about the problem-plagued ObamaCare website, amid a growing call for her to accept requests to testify.

“Ultimately, Secretary Sebelius will testify,” Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., the chamber’s No. 2 Democrat, told “Fox News Sunday.”

“I don’t know the circumstances with this last minute ‘let’s do it in a few days,'” Durbin added.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee earlier sent Sebelius a letter requesting her testimony at an October 24th hearing on the matter.  She and Health and Human Services officials had declined to participate.

No word on when “ultimately” will occur.


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“Ultimately, Secretary Sebelius will testify,” Sen. Dick Durbin

Yeah… They need to get their “story’ straight!

Liars, all of ’em.

But will it really matter by the time she does?

    Musson in reply to caseym54. | October 20, 2013 at 3:31 pm

    It is clear that they knew the system was going to tank when they released it. The question is whether that was the plan all along?

Is it just me, or does Sebelius resemble Nurse Ratched more and more each time her scowling mug is in the news?

This is such BS. The only thing these hearings will do is provide political cover for all those congressmen who just voted to fully fund Obamacare. Hypocrites!

The Drill SGT | October 20, 2013 at 1:15 pm

Prediction: She gets a request from the Senate and goes there where Dems can control the clock, the agenda and pick the witnesses.

Having done that, her protectors in the MSM will point out that she already testified and the House is playing politics…

Does Durbin have some inside information? Is he running interference for Sebelius?

Hey, give the lady a break huh! She is busy with arrangements for her annual Halloween night visit at the Kansas Statehouse building.

Yep, she da’ scarecrow.

“I don’t know the circumstances with this last minute ‘let’s do it in a few days,’” Durbin added.
Perhaps it’s because the problem exists NOW with no fix in sight.

Subotai Bahadur | October 20, 2013 at 2:54 pm

I’m guessing that she will condescend to testify sometime about halfway through Obama’s 4th term. The primary controversy will be why the system still will not allow people to sign up. However, she will note that the Individual Mandate penalties that have been universally collected since 2014 have offset part of the government borrowing since Debt Limits no longer apply.

And by “testify” Turbin Durbin means: “she’ll LIE her A$$ off.”

Kathleen Sebelius – hussein’s SECOND TAX CHEAT candidate for HHS secretary – used undocumented, phony deductions to cheat the federal government out of more than $7000 over three years.

Q: When is a lunatic-left d-cat socialist telling lies about their plan to enact government-controlled, nationalized, limited and rationed American healthcare?
A: Whenever they’re talking about it.

Sebelius: an unethical, lying, reprobate d-cRAT socialist TAX CHEAT. But then, aren’t they all?

Of course she will testify, when Hell freezes over, or after this administration is out of office, whichever comes first.

This gives the impression that only a Democrat can get another administration official to appear before Congress.

    Yes. And come to think about it, just who would force anyone in the administration to appear?

    We are giving up our national identity without much fight. Sad.

Leave it to corrupt coward John Boehner, and his toothless tigers Darryl Issa and Peter King.

Will someone ask her: Isn’t it cruel and grossly unjust to require citizens to buy something while simultaneously making it too expensive for them to afford — including many who were already buying it?

And: Isn’t it grotesque to demand that citizens sign over their bank accounts and deepest personal secrets to the government just to find out if they might get a “subsidy” for something that the government itself has made unaffordable? And leave them with options that are probably worse than what they had before the Democrats imposed the deviously named “Affordable Care Act”?

While the main legal question was whether the government may compel people to buy something they don’t wish to buy, there’s a serious moral issue when the government causes a sharp increase in the price of something that most people consider essential, putting it beyond the reach of many — and does so under the guise of “Affordable Care”!

The cynical callousness of Democrats is astonishing.

Will Obamacare get her a new pair of eyeglasses?

Her testimony will consist of talking points and outright lies. Nothing more than a circus elephant performing before a bunch of circus clowns.