Updates here: WWII and Lincoln Memorial Barricade Showdowns – Live Updates

Morgen Richmond, of the former Verum Serum blog, has been doing great research on the closure of parks and monuments in Washington, D.C. by Obama and the Democrats, revealing rank hypocrisy and mean-spiritedness.

For example, The White House now claims that it needed to erect barricades at the WWII Memorial to keep out vistors, including a group of visiting WWII veterans, because parks service personnel know how to perform CPR.  (Seriously, that’s the claim.) 

But Morgen demonstrated that the WWII memorial is open 24 hours a day, but only staffed part of the day, which means that for much of the time it’s open there are no parks service personnel there at all.  Such much for the bogus CPR defense.

Obama and the Democrats also have shut the Lincoln Memorial, erecting more Barry-cades.

WaPo Mall monuments barricaded

But Morgen did some research, and the Lincoln Memorial was open during the 1995 “shutdown”:

1995 Memorials Open during Shutdown


Lincoln Memorial 1995

The Barry-cades should be the symbol of this “shutdown” — political opportunism by Obama and the Democrats in Congress who create unnecessary photo-ops, even if it means ambushing visiting WWII veterans and ordinary citizens in order to protect special Obamacare privileges enjoyed by members of Congress.

[Note: Images for Lincoln Memorial barricading changed shortly after publication.]

Update: Someone from The Week found a photo from 1995 showing police shutting off the Lincoln Memorial at the bottom of one portion of the steps, but as the photo above shows (from the same series of photos) people still had access and there is no fencing in sight. (added) Also, this afternoon Morgen found a December 1995 1995 article regarding the second shutdown that year referring to the Lincoln Memorial having been “locked up,” but obviously that’s not physically possible, it’s unclear to what they were referring.


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