Dick Durbin’s Facebook comment that a senior House Republican told Obama “I cannot even stand to look at you” was exposed as a lie.

The lie did not originate with Durbin, he merely passed on what Harry Reid told the Senate Democratic caucus based on information provided to Reid by The White House.

That White House lie, now admitted but chalked up to a “miscommunication,” inspired Chris Matthews and guests David Corn and Cynthia Tucker, to lash out at Republicans for demonizing the President:

Hardball -  A Pattern Of Disrespect Screen Shot

A main focus was the disrespect shown by Republicans by repeatedly calling Obama a liar, which the panel agreed was because of hatred of Obama for the “other” and not one of us, and in the case of Tucker, coming right out and calling it racist:

Because, you know, repeatedly calling a President a liar is beyond the pale.

Mere policy differences, or mistaken communications and assessments, never should be cause to demonize a President.

On that point, I’m sure all the panelists would, ahem, agree.

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David Corn The Lies of George W. Bush

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 David Corn Is Bush a Pathological Liar


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