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Hey, can we finally have those Obamacare negotiations on C-Span?

Hey, can we finally have those Obamacare negotiations on C-Span?

Contrary to Obama’s claim that the debate about Obamacare is over, it never actually took place.

So where we are right now is that Democrats are feeling overly confident.  The smash mouth rhetoric hasn’t stopped, while the punching bag Republicans just take it.

Put aside whether reaching the debt ceiling really would be catastrophic (Obama was hip on hitting it back in the day).  Now Harry Reid wants not only a long-term extension, but at increased spending levels.

All those negotiations are going on behind closed doors.  That’s not to Republican’s advantage, because the White House and Democratic spin machines far surpass anything Republicans can muster.  So Republicans look like the bad guys.

The House should pass a short term extension at current spending levels (doesn’t matter if 6, 8, 10 weeks) and call it a day.  If Harry Reid and Obama don’t want that, so be it.  Same on Obama’s refusal to “re-open” most of the government, for which there already are bills on Harry Reid’s desk.

Then, during this negotiation period,  all negotiations should be on C-Span, just like someone else originally demanded.

Contrary to Obama’s claim that the debate about Obamacare is over, it never actually took place.


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JimMtnViewCaUSA | October 13, 2013 at 11:37 am

Excellent, excellent suggestion. Decouple from K street and stand up for the American People.

Good idea.

The little puppet emperor has lied to us from the start and yet the dumbed down public doesn’t get it.

“Transparency” has been replaced with secrecy. “Phony” scandals abound throughout our government. Foreign policy is a mess and O’bammycare is even a worse mess.

Just what will it take to wake up the drones residing in this country? What’s the threshold? Just how high will the temperature of lies, obfuscations and deflections have to rise to trigger a natural response of revolution?

For me, the time to impeach and convict has left the station. It’s going to take a lot more effort now…

    Radegunda in reply to GrumpyOne. | October 13, 2013 at 1:52 pm

    Charles Murray has a piece in which he confesses having been taken in by Obama, hoping that he might really be a uniter etc., because he talked like “us,” i.e. “overeducated” people … and CM now realizes that Obama just doesn’t understand America; not that he’s bad, of course, but he just has some weird ideas.

    To which many regular folks replied: Dude, what took you so long to get half a clue? And why can’t you find the other half?

    What’s been more disturbing than anything else over the last six years is how people who are unquestionably smart and often say reasonable (counter-PC) things could have been so completely lacking in perceptiveness about Obama’s character and so blind to the evidence of his actual beliefs and intentions.

    Why does most of the smart set miss what’s obvious to so many “average” people and becomes clearer every day? Part of it is that they’re poor judges of character, and they’re snobs (even if they’re not just leftist ideologues).

    They also seem to think it would appear kooky and lowbrow to acknowledge that a malignant Marxist radical and Islamophile has clawed his way to the most powerful position in the land, from which he’s taking a wrecking ball to the constitutional republic.

    They want to believe that they, the opinion-makers and influence-wielders, would never have allowed such a thing to happen, so they keep making excuses for Obama: “He means well, but he just doesn’t understand.”

    And they make excuses for themselves: “Of course we had high expectations, because we’re Educated, you see, and he appealed to Educated people! If you were Educated like us, you would have believed in him too!”

Is it truly a broken promise if he never planned to keep it?


SLIDE 1) The enormous stress of writing programming code using VisualGlitch for the new website causes Julia to go out on disability.

SLIDE 2) Julia decides to make lemons from lemonade and returns to her Obama-Stimulus-grant-funded graphic design training to design a new “Life Of Julia: Julia goes on Disability” panel to be added to the slideshow of her life story.

SLIDE 3) Julia fears that working on the new Life of Julia panel, she’s developed symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. But she marvels at how easy it is to find a harried Obamacare doctor willing to put her off work on disability another 6 months without even examining her. After all, the waiting period to see the doctor is 7 months.

SLIDE 4) Hearing that Republicans are calling for C-SPAN televised negotiations on Obamacare, and fearing for her government-subsidized life, Julia’s carpel tunnel goes into sudden remission and she is back working on a new panel for the Life of Julia story, replete with heartwrenching (covered under Obamacare) metaphorical renderings of barricades and orange cones blocking off the Gratingist Generation from visiting the Obamacare Monument.

SLIDE 5) The rigor of graphic design work designing yet another panel for the Life of Julia story in the span of just 6 months causes Julia, who is not used to the stress of private-sector like self-imposed deadlines, to seek an additional 6 months out on disability. She is relieved when told by a counselor that hypochondria is now recognized under Obamacare as a fully-covered medical condition disproportionately affecting overworked government employees like herself. The counselor reassures Julia that anyone trying to stigmatize her hypochondria disability claim is guilty of a hate crime with prosecution the jurisdiction of the IRS.

SLIDE 6) After the latest 6-month disability period expires, Julia is very happy to find out she qualifies for the new Obamacare 1-year preventive disability claim pilot program which the disease-ist Republicans tried to block.

So, “the punching bag Republicans just take it,” eh? What exactly would you have them do? Return the stupid extremist rhetoric? Punch Reid in the mouth?

The FACT is we are being more blamed for the shutdown EVEN AMONG REPUBLICANS. Passing a short “clean” CR or DC hike does nothing at all to change that, and doesn’t accomplish anything toward ANY of our “goals” of “defunding ACA” or reforming entitlements or taxes or restraining spending. Nothing at all.

This is just like the whole “plan” such as it ever was. There is no plan, it is Underpants Gnome strategy in which we do what feels right, something wonderful happens like a miracle, and then we win.

Sorry, the world doesn’t work like that. There is no such thing as unicorns and puppies grow old and die.

“But we are right on the facts!” SO WHAT? If that EVER mattered, we would never have had Presidents Carter or Obama. Being right is great, but it is no guarantee of political victory when the opponents have spent over 20 years making voting so easy for the laziest parasite and then paying them to register and vote. In the meantime they have also dumbed down public education to the point that our “being right” isn’t even material.

We live in reality, not in some world where just being right wins.

There was never a plan here, it just felt good.

So you people force us into an unwinnable fight and then whine that our leaders can’t win it for you. When they recognize that reality, you accuse them of “caving.”

And you can’t even see how dumb it all is.

For a meaningless futile gesture, you risk turning the United States over to the Democrats for a generation or more. Think the first two years of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi were bad? Just wait until we get 30 years of that stuff.

Thanks for nothing, krautkopfs.