So where we are right now is that Democrats are feeling overly confident.  The smash mouth rhetoric hasn’t stopped, while the punching bag Republicans just take it.

Put aside whether reaching the debt ceiling really would be catastrophic (Obama was hip on hitting it back in the day).  Now Harry Reid wants not only a long-term extension, but at increased spending levels.

All those negotiations are going on behind closed doors.  That’s not to Republican’s advantage, because the White House and Democratic spin machines far surpass anything Republicans can muster.  So Republicans look like the bad guys.

The House should pass a short term extension at current spending levels (doesn’t matter if 6, 8, 10 weeks) and call it a day.  If Harry Reid and Obama don’t want that, so be it.  Same on Obama’s refusal to “re-open” most of the government, for which there already are bills on Harry Reid’s desk.

Then, during this negotiation period,  all negotiations should be on C-Span, just like someone else originally demanded.

Contrary to Obama’s claim that the debate about Obamacare is over, it never actually took place.


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