Image 01 Image 03 online chat rep answer to potential customer: “Don’t run with scissors” online chat rep answer to potential customer: “Don’t run with scissors”

The House GOP Conference issued the following statement today (received via email) regarding a conversation between a potential customer and an online chat customer service representative for

Earlier today, the House Republican Conference released a video highlighting actual excerpts from an online chat between a potential customer and a customer service representative for  The individual who experienced the chat session was Adrian Smith, 34, of New Jersey.  Smith released the following statement to confirm his story with

“Thank you for your inquiry about my experience on October 11, 2013 using the support chat.  I can confirm that the excerpts used in the YouTube video and the full transcript posted at is authentic and exactly as I experienced on October 11. I am a resident of New Jersey and work for a higher education institution. I am not employed by the Republican Party.

“After a recent job transition, my family needed to make an informed decision about healthcare options for the approaching year. After repeated registration problems, I was able to create a account on October 11 and began the tedious process of entering specific personal information about our family. Each page resulted in a long wait before being able to proceed. At some point in the process it appeared that our family information became corrupted and I was unable to proceed with the family profile.

“When I reached out to the online chat function for assistance, I was professionally greeted by a customer service representative named “Dean.” At this point, I had hope for a resolution that would allow me to see the pricing and coverage information my family needed. Unfortunately, the chat experience was as frustrating as creating my account. “Dean’s” responses made little sense, were at times comical, and did not provide the help I needed. Ultimately, I lost faith in and made the decision to pursue alternate options for the healthcare needs of my family.”

Here is the video.  Just remember, “don’t run with sissors[sic].”

Read the full chat transcript here.


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Not A Member of Any Organized Political | October 23, 2013 at 6:25 pm

That video is your body on ObamaDon’tCare Non-System.

Their response is:


So we can roll you like a drunken bum – that we are!” Har-dee Har Har!

Snark Snark!

Seen this yet?

Someone stumbled across this spreadsheet on the ObamaCare website last night and it’s been zapping around Twitter ever since. Is this information … supposed to be public? I thought the whole point of forcing people to register before showing them the prices is that they didn’t want you to see how expensive the plans are until you’d already been lured with the promise of subsidies.


This guy has made the correct decision to look into other options. AFAIK those without insurance can still purchase HC directly from the companies themselves but won’t be eligible for subsidies. I would not trust my info on this disaster of a website/portal. The decision to launch as scheduled was a purely political one and to hell with the people and Pres. Stompy Feet will never tell the truth or put this mess on hold no mater who may get harmed.

I understand the White House briefings with Jay Carney are cancelled the next few days, and will be replaced with this video:

These problems with the website are a symptom of the rot in the system itself. But, it’s a sideshow. The real issues are the cost increases and the insurance companies dropping policies like hot potatoes. That last action is the one that Obama will soon grab onto as the reason why we need to go a single payer system. The evil insurance companies are the cause of all this pain.

Shouldn’t someone have given that ‘don’t run with scissors’ advice to Obama & co before opening this website?

Wait till they ask you if you prefer men or women, IUD or condom, top or bottom, Heidi Fleiss or Kim Kardashian? Carole King or Beyonce.

I think I’ll register as Elizabeth Warren and see if I can get the Friends and Cronies of Obama Special Exemption.

Or, maybe I’ll say I am Detroit Detroit and can’t afford it because the people who administered Detroit “redistributed” the taxpayer’s money away from the people in Detroit.