Tuesday night Mandy wrote a post, WWII Vets storm Barry-cades, regarding the absurdity of the Obama administration erecting barricades in open spaces for no reason other than to hassle Veterans at the World War II Memorial.

The term Barry-cade, and its acceptable variant Barrycade, became hits on Twitter (here and here).

The term was picked up and spread by Twitchy, and also at Drudge.

Drudge Barrycades

Now, as reported at American Glob, Barrycade Earns Entry At Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary Logo

The definition seems to fit:

1. barrycade

1. A barrier (usually temporary) that exists for no reason.

2. A barrier erected for political reasons.

“Dude, Obama barrycaded the park.”

“Hey, let’s put up some barrycades to keep those World War II veterans away from the open-air World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., in order to try and score some cheap political points.”

Seems like a reasonable definition to me.

I just kinda wish we had written it out differently:


(Apologies to all the Barry Cades out there.)


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